Thursday, November 13, 2008

GOP trying to overturn McCain-Feingold!

The Republican Party or members of the GOP are filing law suits to overturn McCain rules. Praise God! It's about damn time! And freakin' hallelujah! Just a heads-up to all far-left Liberals, we Conservatives did not go along with much of the legislation for which Senator John "I'll just cross the aisle 'cause everybody wants to be loved and show what a great bipartisan guy I am" McCain stood. We have much more antipathy toward the Republican elites than we do toward President-elect Obama. Like Hillary Clinton said, he's only given a speech so far. Senator McCain was not our first, second, or third choice for President so don't be so quick to think we "lost" on November 4th. To many of us, Senator McCain was just a "slower boat" on the journey Nancy and Harry want to take us. I can't mention Obama in the trifecta here because he has no idea how nasty his "team" can get when he steps out of line or off the tracks/agenda they want. Rush Limbaugh has called Obama a "Chicago thug". Well, President Bush went to DC to set a "new tone." We see how far that got him. President-elect Obama is now stepping into the "big leagues" when it comes to political thugs. One more tiny note to many Liberals. My money says that the Nancy and Harry Show fully intends to enact their agenda and it may well diverge from President-elect Obama's reality once he steps into the White House. He's their "boy" and they won't let him forget it. If he does forget it, Nancy and Harry along with their co-conspirators in the MSM will be right there to give Obama what for. And just to make sure he really gets taken out behind the woodshed, Moveon and others will be ready to get him back in line. It is quite possible that Obama may find himself, once he feels the real power of the office, at odds with his Democrat Party folks who plan on him doing their bidding. No happy pills, Dr.D, but wouldn't it be something if the GOP Conservatives find themselves in the position of defending President Obama on some issues? I can't imagine it but Obama will step off the tracks to which Nancy and Harry plan to tie him and that will be interesting. It is said, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!" We'll see what happen when Obama crosses or locks horns with sweet Nan from San Fran...


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