Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obama proposals should scare the dickens out of you!

Obama's stated policies, stated on the campaign trail in so many words, scare the dickens out of me! Why? Let me count the ways... Too many to count but I'll just mention a few that come readily to mind. Obama:
  • supports abortion-on-demand even for late-term abortions. (My personal opinion is that this supports infanticide as these babies are viable and this protects rapists.)
  • intends to increase income taxes and increase tax on capital gains (this will shut the market down for sure).
  • intends to limit gun ownership.
  • intends to fund "educational" programs in Middle East madrassas (so the male students who are learning to "kill the infidel" can get to know us and love us) actually government-funded trips for Billy Ayers - bet cha'.
  • intends to create Civilian National Security Force as strong as our existing military - ooops! Reminds me of the "religious police" concept in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia. Also reminds me of Hitler's Brown Shirts and the Hitler Youth who were encouraged to "tell on their parents."
  • intends to decrease and de-fund much of our military force and our military defense.
  • intends NOT to allow poor families with students in failing schools to have school vouchers so that their children can have access to better education, such as he had.
  • intends to create "nationalized" health care which will lead to rationing. (Will we be forced to pay for late-term / infanticide abortions from our taxes?)
  • intends to "bail out" big three auto companies (they need to renegotiate with their unions. How stupid is it for a company to be paying personnel NOT to work?) Note: non-unionized automobile companies in US are doing fine as are their employees.
  • will probably force our financial managers to take Shariah Finance training as Bush is now forcing through Secretary Henry Paulson based on demands/conditions from Saudi Arabia when they were asked to "loan" us money to help with this "bailout". This will lead to the soft jihad that institutionalizes Sharia Law over our US Constitution as the "law of the land."
  • will continue to nationalize American business and industry as started under President Bush and Secretary Paulson and then tax companies that move all offices to nations that are more industry-friendly.
  • will keep the border OPEN, making access for terrorists as easy as it is now.
  • will support ventures such as Bill Ayers and his recent trip to Venezuela to teach the teachers how to indoctrinate students. (Based on this election, I'd say the educational unions and perhaps some "colleges of education" are doing a fine job of indoctrinating students or at the very least NOT teaching them of our heritage and history as a strength but rather have made our students ashamed of their country.) Anyone know what the Nuremberg War Trials were? When and why they were held? Anyone think that Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Germany are morally equivalent to the United States of America at the moment?
  • and of course, Obama has said he will support the non-secret ballot for all union employees. I don't think you'll like that much folks. Remember for whom you voted next time you have an open vote on union issues.
Well, it is Sunday afternoon and I'm a bit tired at the moment. I'm still open to giving our president-elect a chance to change his proposals to be more in keeping with the US Constitution but how or if he'll do that is the question... Let's see how much of a uniter he really is and let's see how bipartisan he is. There is always a chance but he'll have to fight San Fran Nan and Nevada Harry... When I'm not so tired, I'll try to come up with a more "scary" list of the campaign statements and intent that bothered me. But as Tom Brokaw said following the election, "We don't know very much about Obama..." Well, duh! Thanks MSM! That honeymoon was short! By the way: Anyone betting "puts and calls" on whether or not Hillary will be stupid enough to take the Secretary of State job? What is it Sun Tsu says, "Keep your friends close but your enemies closer?" Is Hillary smart enough to realize that she has more power in the Senate then she'll have as Obama's "shuttle diplomacy" lackey-in-chief? And does anyone think the Middle Eastern men are tired of dealing with women Secretarys of State? Besides, Hillary already knows all these people; she met them when Bill was president. She shouldn't waste time "meeting" them again, right?


Blogger keeferly said...

A few days ago you wrote a GREAT post about the need to take the high road. And now you are coming up with low road reasons to fear Obama. What gives?

What's striking is how many of your reasons to fear are linked to President Bush. The open border -- enabled by Bush. The auto maker bailout -- supported by Bush. The nationalization of companies -- proposed by Bush.

Look, if Obama signs a bill allowing non-secret union ballots then I will be screaming opposition louder than anyone. But, for now, Obama hasn't even taken office yet. The election is over. Let's give the guy a chance.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

K, I am for giving Obama a chance. Pointing out the campaign issues and stances that Obama "promised" on the campaign trail and why they scare me does not seem to me to be taking the "low" road. These are all in the recent "past". I guess my question is does a leopard change its spots once in power?

Probably not. I guess I'm missing something but I just don't see that as the "low road". I cannot make his campaign promises different from what they were. I suppose I was making a list for myself of the obvious ones - didn't include his plan to get rid of the "Defense of Marriage Act" which allows States to set their own laws about marriage and personal unions/contracts - so I can see how he does.

Candidly, we cannot have this president fail because if he does, we will be in a world of hurt. Also, I opposed a number of things President Bush did or allowed by omission. I deplored his "bait and switch" of signing legislation and then writing a signing statement that basically said why he would not implement the given law.

I think Paulson and perhaps Bush, urged by Obama, to bail out the auto companies and then to use the 700b bailout bill money for reasons other than the ones legislated is skirting with distastor and unconstitutionality regarding the job of the "executive."

I am scared but I don't think saying so is taking the "low road." I don't want Obama to take our nation into Socialism - Euro-style. He has a huge job in being the President of the United States with no executive experience and only taxpayer-financed grant and Senatorial income as his job experience but we elected Obama. I am giving him a chance but still, does a leopard change its spots? Don't know!

1:08 PM  

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