Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama supporters back "institutionalized racism"?

When reviewing the latest Zogby Polls, can one deduce that supporters of Obama back the racism institutionalized by "affirmative action" laws and quotas? Can it be deduced that Liberals (85%), Conservatives (19%), and self-identified Independents - moderates (61%) support institutionalized "racism" and "discrimination" against "white" people, specifically "white" men in America? Can it be true that such a large percentage of Americans want "institutionalized racism and discrimination" even if it means the loss of promotions and jobs for their sons? The Zogby poll I am referring to is Obama builds his lead. Of course, the Zogby poll says nothing about "affirmative action" but Obama has stated that he supports the continuation of this clearly racist policy which has been in effect for 44 years in our supposedly non-racist society. We don't know how many families have been denied college access, job promotions, or jobs because they are not members of the "preferred" ethnicity or gender. If these folks support Obama and Obama supports institutionalized/legalized racism and discrimination against white men, can one deduce that Obama's supporters support the loss of promotions and the loss of jobs by white men? So, not only are Obama's supporters in favor of expanding Socialism and expanding governments reach, they seem to be in favor of punishing men who happen to have "white" colored skin. Hmmm... I wonder where Martin Luther King, Jr. would stand on that issue after all of these years. I stand for white men and for their equal opportunity of access to jobs and promotions based on their character and their qualifications, not on the color of their skin or their ethnicity. But then I stand for that for all Americans. That is what America is supposed to be about before we lost our way with a good idea turned into quotas and not qualifications. I am not saying that all minorities are not qualified. That is absurd. I am saying that "affirmative action"/"legalized racism"denegrates and turns the folks who benefit into "second class" citizens just like the illegal aliens here getting government handouts casts a shadow on Hispanic citizens and Hispanic immigrants here legally. It is time to end "race-based" discrimination and it is time to stop supporting politicians who want to keep this divisive and discriminatory practice in place. There is nothing "fair" about legalized racism. Nothing at all but it does "buy" votes...


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