Thursday, October 09, 2008

McCain: American Top Gun!

I'm not sure but it seems that a requirement for serving in the US Senate is castration or vasectomies at the very least. So, SENATOR McCAIN - Get mad! Defend us! American citizens of all sizes, shapes, ethnicities, etc. are all being hit by this "credit crisis." Commander McCain, for goodness sake, come out slinging in this last "debate." Axe the mild-mannered Clark Kent.
  • Obama has been a trainer/lawyer for ACORN, teaching them how to intimidate bankers into lending money to "risky" borrowers;
  • House Democrats and the Honorable "Sweetheart Deal" Chris Dodd are up to their eyeballs in the "economic crisis" and the worldwide economic tremors we see reverberating throughout the planet.
  • Throw Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Chuckie Schumer, and whomever else is culpable into jail and ask questions later. Get these guys off the street and out of Congress where they are doing so much DAMAGE.
  • Bring out the info on the "real" Obama and tell us who's pulling Obama's strings. We deserve to know. Time to stop being nice, John.
SENATOR McCain - be the Navy fighter pilot who had to have guts to land on that tiny piece of metal bobbing in the ocean. Reach down deep and come out slinging. We - the American people - need a TOP GUN, not soft-spoken senator. This is the fight of your life; yes, harder than the Hanoi Hilton. This is the fight for US. Put on your Navy wings and engage, guns blazing. We need a new Sheriff in town. Let's get with it... Allow me to end this post with a link to a very thought-provoking post by Perri Nelson: Easier to tear down than build up. Indirectly, Perri has given us an assignment, an assignment to sit down and give thought to why we plan to vote for our candidate. A young commentor said, "I've only now realized that I didn't know of ANY positive robust evidence to back my candidate..." I want McCain to come out slinging, true. I want the truth to come out BUT Perri's challenge is valid and crucial to each of us. Why are you casting your vote for the person you've chosen? Really, why? Are your reasons substantive? It matters.

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Blogger JILLIAN BANDES said...

He can't! He's too tired / frustrated / confused / sick of trying to defend himself against a record he shouldn't have to defend.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Jillian - I feel the same way...

8:01 PM  

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