Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama: "False Prophet of Change"

It is somewhat troubling to see many of Obama's acolytes expounding that he is Messiah-like. If you read The Case Against Barack Obama by David Freddoso, you will find plenty of examples of acolytes comparing Obama to Jesus Christ. It seems to me as though this election is boiling down to a vote between two prespectives. The first "emotions over reason" and the second, "personal individual greed (taking money from one America to give to another) over personal accountability." McCain/Palin stand for reason and personal accountability. Perri Nelson has provided an excellent post, Easier to tear down than build up about why he is voting for John McCain. Of course, there is an element of racism in the election expounded by Barack Obama himself when he suggests that if he is not elected it will be because those voting against him are "racists." In my case - not so. I abhor his ideology. But what is telling to me about his acolytes is that perhaps they do in fact need Jesus Christ, Himself, in their lives, not the divisive racism of Obama, not Obama, the "false prophet" of change. The only change Obama will ensure is a giant step into more and more socialism. His supporters need to know that Socialism is color-blind in the long run and those who benefit today can easily be turned upon tomorrow. But in only one comparison to God/Jesus Christ, allow the following for your consideration. Jesus says, "Suffer the little children to come unto me." Obama says, "Let the little children who survived the heinous procedures of partial-birth abortion suffer and die, cold, crying, and alone." How can Americans who purport to adhere to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" vote for a man who voted against help for the children who survived partial-birth abortions. Jesus said, "Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's, to God what is God's" Obama saids, "Render unto the State your treasure and your Soul." And he does it using "class" and "racial" warfare. Those of us who disagree with him are not even allowed to criticize his ideas - criticism of Messiah Obama is in itself considered "racist". Yet, Obama has never served our nation, has never taken a beating at the hands of captors for US, and has never put his life on the line for our nation. He has paid no price. Paraphrased from The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 67, The supporters of Obama have created HIM in their own minds..." Obama may will be the final product of the efforts of the Left to eradicate God from the public square. Obama - the man - has - by his supporters and with his tacit approval - been transformed into the figurehead, the False Godhead, of the State.


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