Thursday, October 09, 2008

Obama: media-crowned Imperial Leader of the World!

Wait! Have you voted yet? I haven't and I'm not voting for socialism. Michelle - Obama's biggest liability - is under wraps. And here's a link you might like: The Truth vs. Obama. Various polls are showing Obama walking away with the election in a landslide BUT wait - is that wishful thinking? An effort at "self-fulfilling" prophecy stuff? or An attempt to discourage McCain/Palin supporters? Could be a bit of each. For an alternate perspective see: Pollster: Don't believe everything you see I say a vote AGAINST Obama is a vote for freedom! And if worst comes to worst, I say: vote for GRIDLOCK. Now there is one little worrisome issue about the Fairness Doctrine surely to be inflicted upon us if Obama supporters such as ACORN can pack the polls on election day. What a socialist Obama can clamp down on today, he could clamp down on you tomorrow. Isn't this election and the possibilities like reading "Animal Farm" and "1984" all over again? It's just that reading them earlier was for high school English lit class. This time it's about your life...


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