Thursday, October 09, 2008

Obama and Socialist Slavery

I had decided to step back from blogging today and so I shall but as a result of a reader giving me a link to Abolishing Socialist Slavery, a blog by Christian Prophet, I will link a few posts you may find interesting. Obama is promising "US" citizens along with the "citizens of the world" a utopia of progressive/socialist answers. Here is just ONE of many links: Obama's International Socialist Connections. Before I give you a list of links, I would ask that, if you are interested in keeping our freedoms, please go to these links as well and check off the members of our Congress who belong to these two "caucuses" - one racist for certain, and the other socialist. Black Caucus: Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation members Progressive Caucus/Democrat Socialists of America: Pelosi new head, until 1999, the Congressional Progressive Caucus was part of the Democrat Socialists of America under the International Socialists organization, Congressional members of the Progressive Caucus. For more info, search ong International Democrat Socialists. Hispanic Caucus: Hispanic Caucus membership is in left sidebar. The reason I included the Hispanic Caucus is for your to be able to see how many members of both the Black Caucus and Hispanic Caucus are members of the Progressive Caucus. See for yourself how members of our Congress are actively working to bring this nation down. The additional links which inspired this post are: Will Liberal Thugs Get Desired Dictator in Obama? My question: are we ready like the followers of Jim Jones to swallow the koolaide? Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg What will Obama or McCain do about liberal insanity in government? Is Obama in reality more war-prone than McCain? and Jesus Christ's Love vs. Obama Style Socialism What led me to post these links is that last night I listened, by accident (?), to a speaker who has written many books on the "prophecies" of Nostradamus. The subject last night was the 3 Anti-Christs. The theory was that the third one is on the way and with the "killing" of bin Laden, we will have 27 years of war. I know, it was late and I was sleepy. I won't give any links to Nostradamuys and the three anti-christs. All you need do is a search and you'll find more information than you ever needed to know. I do believe we can shape our destiny and - to me - that is why this election may well decide the fate of our nation: a total collapse into Socialism and worse, or our cataclysmic grasp for freedom...


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