Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain/Palin Rally in Virginia Beach, VA

If you get the chance to go to a McCain/Palin rally between now and November 4th, take the opportunity and go. I went to one on Monday. The doors opened at 8:00AM. People who got seats had been waiting in the parking lot since 3:00AM. I didn't get a seat and I don't know if you could have brought in folding chairs. But what fun and excitement... Just to see the crowd, to be a part of history, to see the candidates and their spouses was to be a part of the thrilling process afforded by our political system. In Virginia, we already know of cases of voter fraud done by the-group-that-shall-remain-nameless, the group that Obama taught how to intimidate banks into making risky loans, the group that Obama championed during his early "community organizer"/aggitator days in good old Chicago. Well, Obama's buddies are at it again. Stuffing the ballot boxes with early voters and registrations of "questionable" voters. As part of this process, we also have the technology today to run voter lists against out-of-state voting lists and wham-o, we're finding folks who are registered in more than one place. In case some folks don't know, it is a felony to give false info on voter registration forms. People have been prosecuted and some state officials are more serious about stopping voter fraud than others. Seems like some judges are more serious about stopping voter fraud than others, as well. I say "Go to a political rally and have fun" then dip your finger in purple ink. If it's good enough for Iraqis, it's good enough for us. Should cut down on voter fraud. November 4th is drawing near. None of us knows the outcome but we do know that Obama and his folks are greasing the skids for defeat (they are racists, don't cha know) and to demonstrate fear over the outcome, some groups (ACORN) seem to be busy working their mischief. Remember this group got taxpayer dollars...with the help of a junior Senator from.... We'll see... Here's the difference between conservatives and liberal socialists. Conservatives believe in teaching a man to fish so that he can feed himself and his family as much as he wants. Liberal socialists favoring the welfare state as this buys them more votes, believe in giving a man his allotment of fish everyday so he'll have to come back to beg for more fish the next day. Which do you want? The slavery and dis-incentive of socialism or freedom and personal responsibility... God bless America; God bless our troops; and God help our leaders to step beyond the moment and PUT OUR COUNTRY FIRST!


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