Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama: "clinging to their guns and religion"

You may have been adversely effected by affirmative action. You may be a woman with a husband, son, brother, and/or father who has been passed over for a job or a promotion because of these 44 years of affirmative action. And you may have an "Obama 08" bumper sticker on your car and an Obama-Biden yard sign in your yard. Maybe you haven't heard that Obama supports the continuation of "affirmative action", essentially institutionalized racism and discrimination as heinous as past segregation laws because today's "affirmative action" is taking place undercover of "darkness." And maybe you have forgotten Obama's comments in far-left, sanctuary-city, San Francisco about folks in states such as PA being frustrated and "clinging to their guns and religion." Mr. Obama stays away from discussions about gun control and, of course, we do have the Posse Comitatus Act to keep our military from attacking American citizens. That's the same law being used to keep our military from defending us along our Southern Border by the way. But under an Obama administration backed up by Pelosi and Harry Reid - all supporters of a stronger United Nations as an excuse to clamp down on us - you can look forward to the continuation of "affirmative action/racial discrimination", tightening of gun control no matter what the Supreme Court says. And you can look forward to at least 3 very liberal judges being appointed to the supreme court. Ward Connerly is my hero in his fight against "affirmative action". He and I agree; it is no friend of the very people it is "supposed" to help because it stamps them as "second class" and it harms qualified people who are discriminated against under federal law. 'Race traitor' colorblind was written by Anna Jo Bratton, from Omaha, Neb. and published in The Washington Times, October 7, 2008. All of this to lead you to an excellent post at War on Guns with a few quotations from Thomas Jefferson who wanted to protect our nation from tyranny, and failing that, wanted to give the people a means for "market correction" so to speak. At War on Guns, we have a good guest editorial that points to why our Second Amendment is so vital to the health and well-being of our republic: Guest editorial: "Resistance is futile"; Waco Rules vs. Romanian Rules. At Ruby Ridge and at Waco, Texas as well, we saw the raw power of federal oppression in full force. We have to keep a tight rein on our rights. When a presidential candidate mocks us for believing in our US Constitution and denegrates two of our fundamental freedoms/constitutionally given rights - religion and gun ownership - we have cause for concern. We'd better be saying "Houstin, we have a problem." And when we vote on November 4, we want to make sure we don't make the "ideological" problem worse. Do we really want an Obama, Biden, Pelosi line-up?


Blogger Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

You and I share an admiration for Ward Connerly. Great site, I added it to my blogroll.

8:19 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you. Now, Ward Connerly is one man I'd support for president. He has risked much for his great stand and his understanding of the "second class" status confered upon folks because of "affirmative action."

10:12 AM  

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