Friday, October 10, 2008

HR 1424: Bailout - timing is everything, yes!

Yesterday, I accompanied a friend on a 300 mile journey to a major medical facility. We had our respective family dogs along. We set out at 6AM and returned around 6PM. In the midst of this "adventure" we took a turn up a mountain top onto a property which has a home built of marble - probably built in the early 1900s. During this journey we spoke of many things. One, why won't Obama produce a birth certificate? Why should he, he's a pawn and someone owns him. He needs no bona fides. Just the power that is behind him. Then I ask myself who owns Obama. My guess - Syria and Iran, through the dealings of Tony Rezko... We spoke of McCain and ventured guesses about why he won't just pull out all of the stops and say, "Look, you idiots in the media, the reason I can't raise my arms but so high is because when you were in diapers or getting high from the breast milk your drugged out hippie mother - now serving in Congress - was feeding you, I was having all of my bones broken by the North Vietnamese during my stay at the Hanoi Hilton..." Our crass media makes fun of him, naturally as liberal socialists they would being filled with tolerance and compassion. Then we turned to the "economy" and the "government-made crisis". Funny about the timing thing. Did this "crisis" just manifest itself NOW or was it sprung upon us now? Why? To saddle the Democrats with so much more debt they won't be able to generate even more give-away programs? Or, maybe just the opposite, to give the Democrats excuses to raise taxes on small businesses, put more people out of work and re-institute government work programs like the WPA. But then, only real men who are not victims want to work. The others will just take a hand-out. Or perhaps, since we now have Homeland Security and the ever-intrusive TSA (I say just go naked to the airports. Save the time of having to dress, undress, dress again and/or having to be x-rayed six ways to Sunday.) along with the Read ID thing and "tighter" security of law-abiding American citizens, maybe it seemed like a good time for the government to take over the housing industry and, even though the IRS has access to ALL of our financial records, scoop up the banking industry at the same time. Who'd notice? And then, of course, we discussed the Middle East and who would attack whom first: Iran and Mad Jad striking Israel or my man, Ben ordering a pre-emptive Israeli attack on Iran. Or would our President decide, "Hey, I'm a lame duck so I think I'll just give Israel the nod." I really don't know what is going on and I can't get a read on who will be elected as our next president. Is McCain the fall-guy just taking a beating like he did in Hanoi but refusing to fight or is Obama the "annointed" one as Bill Clinton was back in 1992 or whenever? It would be nice to see Obama's birth certificate just for fun. We do know he was trained and identified as Muslim from ages 6 through 10 while living in Indonesia with his avid anti-American Marxist mom. For the past 20 years - Bush-Clinton-Bush - our government has opened our borders and flooded our nation with illegal immigrants from at least 26 different nations. Our nation is providing free health care, free education, and free city services to these illegals at tax payer expense and NOW we get to buy the "bad paper" on the homes these folks have bought too. We were a nation of laws - once upon a time. Even our mafia played within their own code of laws, so to speak, and didn't bother the average citizen who stayed out of their way. Now we have illegal alien gangs growing nearly unmolested by the police; we still give federal dollars to "sanctuary cities" willfully breaking our laws; we have the value of some homes going down because, in at least one city, the "call to prayers" are played 5 times a day in the public square - no separation of church and state there. But the thing that confounds me the most is that I do not understand why it seems that our government - our elected officials - seem hellbent on destroying our nation. Is it to hasten the "new world order"? Is it because as a people, we have an ethic and a spirit that is hard to break? Is it simply because the government can do as it likes? Maybe things weren't moving fast enough. My goodness, localities are getting those cameras up on every street corner as quickly as possible. You know what I mean. But timing is everything and right now, right here, at this time, I wonder why the "created crisis" had to occur now. To force the United States into the Atlantic Union? We know the North American Union is only the first step to the Union of the Americas. To force us to scream for "government" help? To give the UN and the G8 opportunities to clamp down on whatever freedoms we have left? To pave the way for an American "dictator" or Leninesque-charismatic leader of the "religion of the state?" The only thing I know positively - nothing happens by accident. We took a big financial hit as a result of 9/11 but nothing like the one inflicted upon us by our elected "leaders" for a myriad of reasons. There is so much "blame" to go around Jamie Gorelick may finally get caught in this one or even better no one will go to jail because there's so much blame, where would we start? Of course prosecutions really depend upon who is elected. Obama = no heads roll. McCain = maybe some investigation. The question is: Who has the most to gain from this "created crisis" and in what ways? Like my mother always said, "Follow the money..." But in this case, money is only one of the motivators... Money is power but the power being garnered under the confusion of this "government-created crisis" (seems the bailout made it worse) is not based solely on "money"; I suggest it is based on the grab for raw, unadultrated, gut-wrenching power. If you want to comment and answer some of these questions, please look beyond simple partisan politics. If you are inspired to write a post regarding your take on the situation, link your post here. We need an American discussion or even speculation on what's behind the timing - is it only to effect a political election or is it to manipulate nations into the "new world order"? Or is it just market corrections and a bit of profit-taking?

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