Monday, October 06, 2008

HR 1424: Democrat Culpability in Economic Crisis

The economic crisis we are now in is probably one of the greatest scandals and crimes (under RICO statutes) perpetrated upon the American people certainly since the New Deal. Still we have little assurance that the people who perpetrated this outrageous crime against us - as bad as the economic results of the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001 - will ever be prosecuted. Obama was a young lawyer in Chicago who helped ACORN intimidate banks into making "racially" motivated loans. Chuck Schumer went to weak housing markets and pushed Freddie and Fannie to make or to buy up risky loans. Barney Frank went for the "affordable housing". None of the Democrats in 2005 voted for regulatory oversight bill. All of the Republicans voted for regulatory oversight, against public supported mortgages, and against corporate "welfare." Keeping Democrats in power in the House and the Senate will ensure that the trangressions of Democrat leaders will be covered-up, as in not-investigated, and the foxes will be stewing the chickens in the pot of economic boiling water. H/T to Wolf Howling for Thomas Sowell on Subprime Crisis


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