Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Thomas Sowell: Facts do matter! Freedom does too!

Thomas Sowell has two interesting commentaries today that deserve our attention: Dems avoid blame/Do facts matter? and in National Review Online: The Real Obama. In speaking of Obama's alliances, Sowell says: "Obama could have allied himself with all sorts of other people. But, time and again, he allied himself with people who openly expressed their hatred of America. No amount of flags on his campaign platforms this election year can change that." Sowell also references David Freddoso's book, The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media's Favorite Candidate. In a nation in which our children have been indoctrinated into "multiculturalism" and "moral equivalence" as the most effective means to the end of denegrating our nation, those of us who reject Socialism need to pay attention. The simple and basic truth is that freedom is hard; it is hard to be responsible for one's own decisions and the results of those decisions. It is much easier to give a government, any government, control over your life and in time you will forget that you ever had freedoms. To me, one woman's opinion, this election boils down to one issue: those who want to protect and defend individual liberties and freedoms and those who want Father-government to handle all of the decisions for us. There is one more element in the mix of the latter and that is that many liberal socialists, well-off themselves, simply know that they can make better decisions for you and your family than you can. They also know that they are superior to you and me intellectually and in every other way, and they look down on us for even thinking we can make decisions for ourselves. Soon we will see which course Americans want to take: the road of freedom which is hard or the road to slavery. Our nation is not a nation of quitters; we are tough, resilient, and tolerant. We deserve much more credit that we have been given. Lessons in life can be hard and painful. I do not know how this election will turn out; I do know that a friend of mine tells me the America I believe in is long gone - I refuse to accept that.


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