Wednesday, October 08, 2008

John McCain and lowering Corporate taxes

The current tax rate for corporations in the United States is 35%. The current tax rate for corporations in Ireland is 11%. Would someone please tell John McCain, when Obama brings up his "insane" mantra, that "Republicans want to give tax cuts to the wealthy corporations", John should point out that it is corporations that HIRE people, BUILD things, do RESEARCH, and increase BUSINESS and INDUSTRY in America. High taxes on corporations drive corporations "off-shore".. Thank you, Democrats. It seems the only things Democrats understand about finances is "loaning money to folks who cannot repay the loans" is social engineering and buying votes. I'd rather "buy" the votes of folks our corporations have put to work than votes of folks the Democrat policies have put into homes they can't pay for, thereby lowering their self-esteem even more. Economics made easy: if people have jobs created by corporations, people will have more benefits and more money to spend into our economy. If people are MADE dependent upon government, they will not have jobs, only HANDOUTS. Then what do the people do, beg the government for more handouts and vote to steal money from people who work. Makes sense - the folks getting the handouts, not the hand-ups, are only begging and voting for the massa who feeds them. Candidly, the Democrat theory of keeping people just at the edge of poverty, and therefore dependent, makes me sick. And one more tiny thing about "government health care for children." How long before the company you work for decides to opt out of providing health care for your children and letting the Democrat government pick up that bill? Democrats are all about SOCIALISM, my friends! Socialism and your dependence upon the Democrat Massas up on Capital Hill. Let's not give Massa the White House too... Republicans ended slavery long ago. Let's not vote for the return of serfdom... Those Democrat handouts are just chains packaged under the guise of "class warfare." As Neal Boortz points out, "He has never been hired by a poor man."


Blogger Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Right On. I have been on the edge of poverty all of my life, but I have also worked all of my life so far. democraps = communist.

11:02 AM  
Blogger A Christian Prophet said...

Obama is not interested in economic common sense. He has a fascist agenda which says "get corporations on board using tax threats and penalties."

Today I listed to an Obama speech and it was totally Benito Mussolini all over again. They are even both Leos with birthdays within 5 days.

See the article on Liberal Fascism at the following blog:

5:06 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, and last night I listened to a fellow who has written about the prophecies of Nostradomas (sp). Nostradomus gives three anti-christs: Napolean, Hitler, and a third which is a combo sort of: depending on conditions because they do often make the man: bin Laden, then if he is killed, the world is to have 27 years of war led by another "O" guy should he become president.

I knew there was a reason I get a "bad" feeling about that guy...

7:48 AM  

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