Tuesday, October 07, 2008

HR 1424: Conservatives vs Liberal Socialists

As I watch this "man-made economic crisis" unfold, I am struck by a most glaring difference between conservatives on one hand and liberal socialists on the other. Naturally, this is a generalization and, like all generalizations, does not hold for individuals inn all cases. Conservatives follow the tenet, "we are endowed by our Creator"; and liberal socialists follow the belief system that "our Creator" MUST be replaced by the "State" as the solution to any and all problems, up and including our own refusal to take personal responsibility for our actions. (I specifically avoided the terms Republican and Democrat here because we have liberals and conservatives in all political parties. I am speaking here only of fundamental belief systems.) The liberals work to make us all "victims" and wards of the State. Conservatives work to encourage us to be responsible for ourselves and use the powers given to us by "our Creator." An interesting and glaring contrast....

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