Monday, October 06, 2008

Obama: ACORN and our Economic Crisis

To start the ball rolling, let's look at a post at My Flanders Fields, A fifties view of communism - simple times. This post struck my interest because Socialist Democrat is just a tad too genteele for what Obama and his backers both here and in the Middle East want to inflict upon us. But all of the terms such as "community organizer", "Sol Alinsky's Radicalism", Socialism, Marxism, "liberation theory" and the like - oppressive and anti-American all have us on the outter most edge of the cliff. I'll say AGAIN - the "crisis" we see unfolding around us, propagated by Democrats starting with Jimmy Carter and his Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, has House Democrats in a frenzy to cover-up their culpability so that they, like OJ Simpson searching for the killer or killers of his former wife, Nichole Brown Simpson, will float the smoke screen of investigations and thereby be able to cover their own culpability. We can lay this crisis at the feet of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer, and more Democrats who used earlier mortgage lending laws and supported groups such as ACORN for the sole purpose of buying voters. The following is a link that is a must-read. For a brief description and extraordiary comments PLEASE see Fox News Special: Saving Our Economy: What'$ Next. Also, do everything you can to see the Fox News Special with Bret Baier, Saving our Economy: What'$ Next!, aired October 4 and 5, 2008 as well as the Sean Hannity special on Obama and his ties to radical Islam. Who got Obama into harvard? Why can't we have access to his theis paper? What did Obama really do as a "community organizer" and how closely does he follow the teachings of Sol Alinsky? (or Alensky) Further, what are his ties to ACORN? Simply, Obama is dangerous for our economy and untimately for our way of life. During my lifetime and my interest in politics, two politicians seeking the presidency have actually given me cause for concern both for the same reasons - their charisma and what many see to be their radical and oppressive views - Robert F. Kennedy and now Barack Obama. To be very candid, I remember seeing one of Robert (Bobby) Kennedy's speeches when he was running for the Democrat Presidential nomination. Bobby Kennedy had the charisma of his brother, JFK, but where they differed was that Bobby had the sharp edge of radical, gut-pounding force with the rhetoric akin to other "world" dictators I shall refrain from naming. Today, JFK would be viewed as a conservative; I submit that Bobby would not have had that legacy. I mention Bobby Kennedy only to point out that it is the ideologies that we need to fear, not the color of any man's skin. In Obama's case, I fear the color of his skin coupled with his appeal to our impressionable youth eager to "made a difference" from emotionalism will lead them like the Pied Piper, and us with them, over the cliff. Sadly, it is they who will be enslaved by his Marxist ideology. At Oraculations: Community Terrorism At Fox News: Lawmaker accused of conflict of interest - but it goes farther than that. For a beginning list of articles about Obama's links to ACORN, please see: National Review - Obama and ACORN Here are a few more links given withing the comments from the initial link: Congressman Shays on Financial Crisis How AIG's Collapse Began a Global Run on the Banks Transcript of O'Reilly and Barney Frank Fox News Specials Freddie and Fannie compilation of history and facts (VANITY) One quotation from a blogger named "Natural Law" found in the second comment in initial link: "I am demanding that the Justice Department begin a full RICO investigation that will not exempt anyone inside or outside of government. I am encouraging those whose businesses were harmed by these culprits file numerous suits against the offending parties. If Raines, Schumer, Dodd, Frank, and the like do not end up penniless and in orange jump suits then we need to seriously reread the words of Thomas Jefferson when he said..." ~~~~ Natural Law goes on to discuss RICO laws and how average citizens hurt by this government-fed and led crisis can file civil suits against the people who brought about the crisis. If you are a small business owner or a Senior who has seen his pension wiped out, this read is worth your while. It's about time...Free Republic If you read the comments at Free and see the Fox News Special and still believe you are going to vote for Barack Obama, then you will have only yourself to thank for our financial "crisis" and the destruction of our economy and our way of life. One additional link: Obama and the Annenberg Files: the mystery deepens. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were required to give "risky" loans, packaged as not credit-worthy borrowers. These government-backed institutions funneled billions of dollars from foreign investors into our mortgage market. These mortgage institutions are backed by the federal government and thus our very homes and our economy are now at risk. Obama was a young lawyer in Chicago helped ACORN intimidate banks into making "racially" motivated loans. Chuck Schumer went to weak housing markets and pushed Freddie and Fannie to make or to buy up risky loans. Barney Frank went for the "affordable housing". None of the Democrats in 2005 voted for regulatory oversight bill. All of the Republicans voted for regulatory oversight, against public supported mortgages, and against corporate "welfare." Keeping Democrats in power in the House and the Senate will ensure that the trangressions of Democrat leaders will be covered-up, as in not-investigated, and the foxes will be stewing the chickens in the pot of economic boiling water.

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