Sunday, October 05, 2008

Biden: Iran controlled by Islamic theocracy

I move that Islam be identified henceforth as a "political" ideology/party, in accordance with the brilliant point made by Senator Joe Biden during the VP "debate" and have all tax-exempt status removed. It is insane to fund indirectly an ideology that clearly seeks your demise. It may be unconstitutional as well to allow a "church" to operate as a "church" while preaching "death to the infidels" - which would be all Christians, Hindus, Jews, Buddists, pagans, Wiccans, and all the other assorted religions that enjoy "freedom of religion" in the United States. In a nutshell, Islam can't have it both ways in the United States. CAIR, for example, is clearly political. So, just to be clear, in the United States, Islamic leaders need to pick: religion or political entity. Not both. I could be mistaken in what I heard Joe say. We conservatives are often accused of mis-hearing and certainly misunderstanding the words of our aristocratic betters. But I believe in the exchange between Palin and Biden about Obama sitting down with terrorist nations to talk "without" preconditions, Biden said something to the effect that Ahmadinejad did not control Iran, that Iran was controlled by the leaders of the theocracy, ie, the Ayatollah and the boys. Of course, Biden is correct. So, since we look at "governments" as democratic republics, dictatorships, oligarchies, monarchies, theocracies, let's be "fair" and declare Islam a "theocracy", a political theocracy/ideology, incompatible with the constitution of our democratic republic, representative government. Let's call it what it is - Islamic Imperialism, the goal of which is to dominate the world. The puppet/non-in-control Ahmadinejad is not called Mad Jad for nothing and he clearly states that the United States is "dead". The folks who voted for HR 1424 may prove his point but the American people best not be counted out yet. Back to, back to... Islam has always seemed "interesting" to me as a "religion" because we have to hand it to Big Mo, as coined by Dymnpha at The Gates of Vienna, he did build a more encompassing mouse trap or meme and he did spread Islam throughout the formerly Christian middle east. Just a reminder, in the United States of America, we have the separation of church/theology and state/government.


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