Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hate-Speech and Tax-Exemption for Obama's Church

We've all seen the racist, bigoted ranting of "Father" Michael Pfleger at the Trinity Unity Church of Christ. Obama's church. Pfleger has been another of Obama's spiritual mentors for 20 - count them - TWENTY years, much like Rev. Jeremiah Wright. What's the saying, by your friends "ye shall be known?" Now, come on. Anyone believe Obama didn't know about Mikey's speech? Anyone believe Mikey and Jerry were not acting as surrogates? It's the old game. Let the surrogates attack and then the candidate can denounce them and give the no-apology apology. Just two questions:
1) Why hasn't Father Michael Pfleger been arrested under "hate-speech" statutes? Don't you think he has stirred up anti-white racial tensions? Didn't you see the racists in the congregation clapping their hands and shouting out those hearty "amens"? The only thing close to anything resembling what you might hear in a church were the "amens." 2) Why hasn't the IRS yanked the tax-exempt status out from under the Trinity Unity Church of Christ pending investigation? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the church is a front for race-baiting and hate-mongering. And once again, white America gets to see what should really be embarrassing to many black Americans who are Christian and an eye-opener for the rest of America.
If Barack Obama does not "win" the presidency this November, it won't be because white Americans are racists; it won't be because white Americans are not ready for a black president. Your average, garden-variety white American who may have a bit of racist feelings can't hold a candle to the clap-trap going on in Chicago - good grief! Certainly the congregation of 8,000 in that so-called church have a corner on some really strong anti-white, anti-American racist attitudes... As for white America, the non-guilt ridden, non-far-left liberal-socialist folks, we are ready for a president of integrity, regardless of skin color. We bought Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s line, about "content of their character, not the color of their skin." However, the race-baiters and hate-mongers just won't let the "skin color" thing go. Why not? Because they make their living on feeding that "inferiority" hype to THEIR willing victims. You know how to tell when the members in the congregation were getting the bumb's rush, the hustle? When Mikey - the white guy - went into his "shuck and jive," his mocking of a white woman, his use of profanity. And the congregation ate it up like candy. Weren't you embarrassed for them to allow themselves to continue to be used? I am no great defender of Hillary Clinton but Pfleger's mocking of her was very "manly" don't you think? Very Christian for a priest? Yep, good mentor there fostering forgiveness, tolerance, and love... I heard one commentator on the O'Reilly Show say that Pfleger's comments were good because we need to talk about racism in America. Let's talk about black-on-white crime, how 'bout that? And, maybe we do need to talk about race but this isn't the way to do it. I've paid my share of reparations, thank you very much, and I don't want to pay any more. What is it now? Over 5-6 trillion dollars in entitlements? You want to talk about racism. Talk to me about "affirmative action" and all the white men who have lost jobs or promotions to less qualified people over the last thirty years. You want to talk to me about racism in America. Run the tapes of Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger and then let's chat. The minute you try to excuse their racist foaming at the mouth, the conversation is over. Case closed. Their hate-mongering is no different than the vile hatred coming from the mouths of Islamist imams who want to destroy our nation. Which voters do you think put Barack Obama in the position to be the Democrat nominee for President of the United States? And how many of those same folks "clinging to their guns and religion" do you think will vote for the messianic Obama in November? Anyone think he'll carry Iowa after all this mess? After the "useful white idiots" have figured out what Lenin meant when he described "Marxist sympathizers in the West" with such derision (leaving out the white, of course)... Race relations are being put back decades by men such as Wright and Pfleger and that is every bit of what these hate-mongers want; bigotry and racist hate-mongering is what butters their bread and fills their coffers. They have to feed the beast and we all fall for it every darn time. And better yet, with Obama in the White House, how long do you think it would take before you'd see the likes of Wright and Pfleger prancing around, spewing their hatred in your face from the West Wing? Not a pretty sight... They are salivating for the chance. Can't ya see it; can't ya feel the uniting love?

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Blogger MathewK said...

The only thing that will appease the race baiters is if they get to sink the boot into the white man. Become what they insist all whites still are. Strangely enough their liberal apologists don't mind this, well as long as they that are not the new oppressed that is.

7:21 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

This is all rather interesting. The numbers for "white" keep growing in US - why? see the CIA World Factbook. Hispanics are counted as white. The category for me is now non-Hispanic white. Rather farsighted, yes? White and Hispanic folks have no natural animosity toward each other in the US and marry each other easily - without much of a "racial" too do. For the white brothers and sisters, their children all of a sudden "presto-change'o" get minority status and all the handouts that go along with that - example Bill Richardson/Richards from New Mexico. White dad, Hispanic mom = he claims the Hispanic side of his ethnicity, kicks the white heritage to the curb and hence is the first Hispanic governor of New Mexico.

Even if there is nolonger a "white" person in the United States, there will always be more white people than any other ethnic group because Hispanics are considered what they are - many of them at least - from Spaniards who are white Europeans.

The CIA World Factbook is interesting. Search it under World Factbook.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good post and good point about pulling that "church's" tax-exempt status. If a White church hosted a preacher like that then that White church would be called a hate group and would be raided by federal agents.

Most Whites were not outraged enough about those few video clips of "Reverend" Wright and his hatred. Imagine what kind of influence his diarrhea of the mouth could have on listeners who hear it every week for 20+ years.
Why wasn't his hatred of America publicizied before now?

Wright is a black opportunist. Some preach victimization, some preach hate of Whites, and some like Wright preach both. Wright needs to be on a government watchlist. He really does.

Last, what pisses me off the most is how blacks say this is their time. What does that mean? That a minority of about 29 million should pick the President of a nation of 300 million? No. No more preferential treatment and no more nonsense. Let's see Obama - and all blacks - as they really are.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Well, we can't paint all black Americans with such a broad brush but I think the Rev. Wright is doing just fine feeding the beast and hatred that fills his coffers. He feeds off of the hatred of his parishioners, now that is the real crime.

1:17 PM  

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