Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Conservatives to sit-out election day? Don't count on that!

Seems Republican big shots who only care about conservatives when they think they might need our votes are voicing concerns that we may stay home on election day, November sit-out threats worry GOP. Not to worry! There's too much to vote for; we won't stay home. We have Senators and Congressmen to vote for and I'll be voting for my Congressmen - a Republican (more to come later on how Pelosi is working to destroy this nation and make us dependent upon foreign energy no matter what the cost of gas or food for you and me.) We have plenty of folks to vote for in November... Depending on the man McCain picks as his VP running mate, we may vote for McCain. We know how far we can trust McCain, let me count the legislation... So much depends on his running mate... We can always vote for Bob Barr; he was a Republican but looked around one day and said, "Where'd the party go?" We can write in Ron Paul. He's a Republican. We are supposed to support the candidate that has been nominated to represent the GOP in the general election but, to my knowledge, we haven't held our convention as of yet and anything can happen between now and then. Right? Technically, the GOP does not have its candidate yet. The delegates from the states still have to vote on the floor, even if this may seem a formality at this time but is it? We'll see. In this most strange election primary season, anything can and surely will happen...


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