Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Democrats slide into hatred?

A lot is happening in the Marxist Democrat Party today if we will but look. The measurement that is occurring right now - right before our eyes - is how far the Democrats have fallen past redemption into the template of hatred; will they forgive racism to hate Bush? It isn't only about hating Bush. Are they willing to forgive racism to advance their leftist, Marxist designs? Will they forgive Obama's acknowledgement of black racism and likewise ignore the real and unrelenting threat of Islamists too? I wonder that black Americans - hidden behind by Obama and the broad-brush with which he used to paint them all as racists too - are not indignant at his cowardly attempt to hide behind their hard work and their love for our nation. Where do the leftist Democrats fall? Will they forgive the threat and support Obama (black racism, Islamic intent to bury us, Obama's Marxism, the Islamic funding of Obama through Tony Rezko (?)) or is it Islamic Imperialism alone that is the greater threat to America? It seems that all we have to do is watch to see how far the "far-left", America-hating Democrats have fallen and how much they will accept in order to destroy our nation - the nation they proclaim to "love." Will they - the American-hating far-left Marxists Democrats - accept the Islamic money and Obama's racism - the poisonous tentacles twisting like snakes around the head of Medusa (the symbol of political correctness) to destroy our nation and abuse our gullible youth, so woefully uneducated today? How much of Obama's "BS" will stick to the Democrat Party wall, a party that is not the party of Truman or John F. Kennedy. I must emphasize the "far-left" Marxists Democrats in stark contrast to the many normal, hardworking Americans who call themselves Democrats and come no where near the extremes of that party which once displayed integrity. At NiceDeb, see the following and laugh your head off: New Black Panther Party endorses Obama. Oh, will the real "racists" please stand up! I read Nice Deb's post and laughed out loud... Sorry, folks, call white people "racists" all you want but I say "if the shoe fits on your foot, wear it." The racism is not on non-Hispanic white folks; belly up to the bar, Islamists and black Americans and get fitted for those "racist" shoes Obama has waiting for you.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, if we don't look at what's going on, the MSM sure won't. And you know, I do realize that there are racists in every segment of our society, but I haven't seen anything like the events of the Trinity UCC.

"Divide and conquer" is a traditional strategy of the Democratic Party; I do hope it blows up in their faces this time.

Semper Fi

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've blog rolled you :-)

Semper Fi

9:16 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you and it will. If it doesn't, we'll have a chance to see how much damage they can do and then conservatives will be in Congress and Executive Branch for a century.

Love you ICON...

11:01 PM  

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