Saturday, February 16, 2008

FISA, National Security. and Mexican Trucking

FISA considered enough to maintain national security, here. National security, maybe, but the government has given up defending national sovereignty and is certainly not fighting the drug cartels threatening our southern border region. Even worse, our government is embarked upon a "trial" program that currently allows Mexican truckers carte blanc with open access to our highways. Right now; not coming soon; right here, right now. It's almost funny - all the to do about warrants for intercepting communications traffic of terrorists that travels over networks across the nation when terrorists are pouring into our nation on a daily basis. And the program in effect NOW, Bumpy ride in court for trucking program, places the Bush Administration in violation of laws passed by Congress to curtail the program. So what else is new? If our government is not putting us in jeopardy one way, it is risking our lives and jobs in another way. Thank you Clinton and NAFTA...thank you, Bush Administration for continuing this insanity. Bush Legacy - destruction of The United States of America's sovereignty. Our government has got its head so far up its back-side and certainly has its wires crossed when it comes to protecting our nation from invasion, from loss of jobs, and from letting drug cartel violence spill across our borders. Thanks! Our tax dollars at work. Nikita Kruschev said we'd fall from within; he didn't say our own government would pull the plug on us... Do you ever feel like we're "circling the drain" due to the lunacy of our leadership? I do and there is no where to turn. With the exception of Huckabee, every presidential candidate is for open borders. And our citizens and our brave Border Patrol along with others are being led to the slaughter - thanks to Vicente, George, and Paul.

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Blogger Dr.D said...

Don't kid yourself, Beach Girl. The Huckster is just as pro-meskin as all the rest. Its just that someone told him it was not a good thing to play up and for once he listened. If he gets in as VP, he'll be all for a meskin in every drive way, you just wait! They all want to sell us out, all of them except Ron Paul. He is the only candidate that understands that this nation has a Constitution that is supposed to mean something.

9:25 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Dr. D - yes, I know. Funny though if these pro-third world USA, aka North American Union, folks think folks with names like McCain, Smythe, Jones, or Lieberman will hold onto their power when the tables turn and we have more Menendez, Gonzales, Garcia and such to choose from. And the sessions in Congress are opened in Mexicali Spanish.

We have plenty of corruption within our political/politburo class now but they just seemed compelled to import more. Do they think the illegals here now will vote for the likes of Hillary, Dole, Byrd (well maybe Byrd 'cause WV is a pretty closed state even with its some several blacks and the illegals who are infiltrating small towns)? I have long thought many of our politicians were working with shorted decks but it becomes more clear daily.

Now, we, thanks to Bill Clinton and supported by George W. Bush, have stood behind the creation of the first Islamic Republic (Kosovo) established in Europe. What freaking idiots!

7:37 AM  
Blogger KG said...

I'm going to be a little cautious here, since it's not my blog. But...
In an age where politicians won't listen to the people, where politicians and bureaucrats are selling their own citizens down the river, then it's time for the people to act.
So...if a lot of Mexican trucks on U.S. soil should suffer an epidemic of spiked tyres and watered fuel and so forth, to the point where they become uneconomic, would anybody shed a tear?
Just asking...
The solution to our problems in the West doesn't lie with politicians any more--it resides in the people.

5:11 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Certainly neither of us would suggest "vandalism" but one could posit that a good old fashioned "Boston Tea Party" might be in order.

I think there are other options such as not buying any products from Mexico or from any place else that were shipped and unloaded at the Mexican ports. The intent of the highway is also to end the jobs of our longshoremen and others who work at our docks. Once the Mexican-US-Canadian highway cuts its way across America, there will be little or no need for our ports. No doubt this is why the Dubai Ports deal was so easy to stop.

But our safety and security does abide in the hands of the people. The politicians are so corrupt and jaded that there is no integrity there, or at least not much that is visible.

Looks like I'll have to vote for McCain even with all his bad legislation.

I'm just wondering which one "the people" can control more easily - Barry, Hillary, or John?

I still want gridlock, miles and miles of gridlock.

I'm going to recommend a good movie that you may have seen but it deserves another look: Traffic.

Always grand to see your comments and your icon. Uplifting actually.

1:11 PM  

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