Friday, February 15, 2008

Hillary, the Democrat nominee for 2008!

Okay, now my fellow political junkies - how many of you think Hillary will "get" the nomination as the Democrat candidate for president? Regardless of the number of delegates Obama gets in the primary? And is Obama "winning" all of these states because Hillary has conceded them? On purpose to pump up the black vote? Strange things are going on... It is difficult to believe that someone who has craved the presidency and the power as long as Hillary has will let it slip through her fingers especially with the machine she and Bill have. And then, if Hillary does not get the nomination, is skunked, and turned on by everyone she and Bill have controlled for so long - how long will she be able to keep her Senate seat? Somehow, I don't think New Yorkers will hang on to her if she "trashes" Obama or if she is kicked to the curb at the Democrat Convention. If "rats are jumping off the sinking ship" that goes a long way to demonstrate that Hillary is simply not "liked" but rather has been feared. Still and all, if I were Obama, I would not be counting those delegates before they hatch. Me thinks Miss Hillary and beleaguered Bill have more than a few tricks left up their sleeves. And an Obama-Hillary ticket! Forget about it...


Blogger Rich said...

I agree, never count these two crooks out. But what I think we are seeing is a rejection of what Bill and Hill stand for in the Democratic Party. I think people are tired of the way they operate and want change. It's like a people under a dictatorship, they go along until it seems safe to speak out. Once they are emboldened the movement can't be stopped unless a complete "smackdown" happens (Tieniman Square). I am not sure what Hill and Bill will use as their "tank" but nothing would surprise anyone. If they had something on Barrack I think we would have seen it already. It will get interesting on the run up to Texas...

11:02 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Hi Rich, if I were Barry, I'd increase my security detail and have a food taster. Now, my next post is going to seem like a defection but it is not. I just can't stand to sit by and watch Hillary look foolish in her attire. She won't listen but I feel compelled to make a few suggestions. I don't mind seeing her get trounced but a few wardrobe alterations would go a long way to getting the image she needs.

Someone is having her pay a lot of money for some very hideous clothes.

4:35 PM  

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