Thursday, February 21, 2008

Obama and Miss Hillary also ran!

I am in major disagreement with my Left Coast Operative as he thinks Hillary is an "also ran" and is over. I don't think so. Hillary has salivated for the presidency for years now and she means to have it. She'll get the nomination through the super delegates if she's got dirt on those folks and she probably has. I heard the funniest thing on Rush's show yesterday when he said that Bill wasn't being used to best advantage on his wife's behalf in this campaign and that what Hillary needed to put her campaign on track was for word to break that Bill was having an affair with someone, anyone. On the Obama front, I'm no fan of Michelle Obama especially after I heard her say very early on that everyone knows that a black man can't go out to get gas at night because the country is so racist. Well, she's right about racist but it ain't the white folk keeping Obama down; they are voting for him in droves. The racism today is overtly directed at those same white folks. So, will Hillary "get" the Democrat nomination? Yep! But if you want real Socialism in a hurry and not incrementally, Obama's your man! Keep in mind, Socialism robs the soul and annihilates the individual and his ability to reach his dreams unless, of course, his dreams are of living on government's two fish a day and legally stealing money from the folks who work. Americans are generous but remember, a hand out is far different from a hand up!


Blogger Rich said...

Not so sure Hillary will get the nomination, but if either of the democrats are elected I know Americans will get the shaft. I think the Obama train will be hard to stop. If it is done with super delegates it will certainly cause a train wreck in the Democratic Party...That will be worth watching...

9:04 AM  
Blogger KG said...

From the perspective of this mere furriner, either of them would be a disaster.
The world is too dangerous a place for us to be at the mercy of either of these cynical, devious, whining brats.

5:04 AM  

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