Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gridlock is what I want!

The safest course for Americans this election is to work to get and sustain as many conservatives as possible in the House and the Senate. That's one. The second thing is to work to get the Republican candidate elected. The most important thing is to get gridlock. That way little gets done, regardless of who sits in the White House, except perhaps enforcing laws on the books. We can demand that. Gridlock is the safest course for America for the next four years! We've had the first 6 years of Bush II signing all the appropriations bills the Republican Congress sent him - and the last 2 years with amnesty, et al. For President Bush, it has been perfect and it has drilled a hole through fiscal conservatives regardless of "party." The second two years are perfect too because of Congressional willingness under Democrat control to erase our border. Given the serious and dangerous swing left our nation will take under Obama or Hillary, slightly less so perhaps with McCain, gridlock is looking better every day. So, GRIDLOCK is what I want and I'll vote any way I have to to get it.


Blogger Rich said...

Exacty what our founders intended. Making it difficult for any one group or individual to lead our country in any one direction too fast. Grid lock would be awesome but we need the reversal of a lot of legislation we already have in place. We need to reverse the growth of federal spending that is on "auto pilot" right now with SS and Medicare.(and so many other programs)Would gridlock be better than more spending and reductions of freedom? You bet! But we need more, I mean less, you know what I mean...

12:46 PM  
Blogger KG said...

The alternative would be to refrain from voting and force the Republicans to re-fashion the party along lines more acceptable to true conservatives.
But the though of the havoc the Democrats would wreak in the meantime, via their socialist policies and SCOTUS, is frightening.
There just has to be some way of dragging the Republican party back from its drift towards the "centre" ie the left.
It's a problem shared by most Western countries. The mantra of "seize the middle ground" is no more than a cry of surrender in my view.

12:22 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

KG, so wonderful to hear from you and to see your icon again.

Not voting is our first reaction but it is more like the little child who is going to go to the garden and eat worms to punish the grown-ups.

We have to vote as many issues are on ballots that draw folks for presidential elections. These issues as well as our congressional representatives need votes.

Of course, the conservatives in both political parties could possibly start to fashion a new political party - over time. There are conservative democrats (Reagan Democrats) as well who have been set adrift by the far-left of their party - so two sets of folks exist (conservatives) in both parties who have been kicked to the curb. Perhaps that is where we need to begin to put some attention. Not create a third party that screams and shouts and throws the election to which ever "evil" is set to destroy us or make us over in the totalitarian Russia or Islamic Republic.

It is interesting how how the theocracies of Islam and the totalitarian of Communist Russia are near mirror images of each other. One fashioned around the dictatorship of Allah and one under the dictatorship of a Mao. But Big Mo added the ingredient Mao left out - a component that promises "eternal life" through the death on one's self-described enemies.

The "middle ground" is appeasement and surrender. But the Western Heart seems unable to grasp the sincerity of Islamists in destroying us. We in the West face two equally powerful enemies - simply stated Leftist Socialism and Islamic Imperialism.

So good to hear from you.

You will think I have defected in my next post but I simply cannot help myself.

4:30 PM  
Blogger KG said...

Thanks for the kind words, BG. :-)
It's good to be reading you again--and I could never imagine you defecting.

5:19 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

No, no defecting here. I am admittedly very "angry" with the cavalier (sp) approach the Bush Administration seems to have taken toward illegal aliens flooding our nation but it all has the potential of getting much, much worse.

And when one sees the little girls swoon in orgasmic delight with tears streaking down their faces as they stand behind Barry - well, one has no longer any doubt about the shallowness of our once fine educational system.

If I seem to be defecting, let me know. Please...

1:01 PM  

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