Saturday, January 05, 2008

UK Blogger, Lionheart, may face imprisonment?

A UK blogger, Lionheart, may face imprisonment for critizing the actions of Islamists. Mind you, the Islamists make their violent intent against we kuffars known in many ways from words to bombs; yet, it is Lionheart who is singled out for creating "racial hatred". Keep in mind also that the bloggers who critize Islam and its ways as demonstrated by the "honor killing" of two daughters by their father in North Texas recently are not calling for violence or harm toward innocent Muslim men, women, and children. We are defending our nation and our citizens from the threats shouted in mosques and carried out against our citizens; the attack on the Jewish ladies in Oregon not too long ago comes to mind. But read the post and the links, and decide for yourselves how much danger our liberties are in. I can understand that Muslims are in trouble for critizing Islam as the Koran tells them they cannot do that but we infidels don't adhere to the Koran or is this just another incremental step to bring us to heel and make us conform to Sharia Law? From Faultline USA, Today it is me; but tomorrow it is you From Lionheart, May be arrested for critizing Islam. From Lionheart, Support from America From Cranmer, UN Resolution on defamation of Islam From Cranmer, British Blogger to be arrested? And then there is House Resolution 288, passed by our Congress to stop "bigotry" or criticism of Islam. How is it bigotry to criticize a "political ideology" that stresses that non-Muslims are not to be taken a friends, they are to be lied to in order to advance Islam, and they are to be warned three times before being killed by terrorists. Also that all religions other than Islam (the religious hat side) are not religions but followers are to be taxed when on the other hand, Christianity says "love thy neighbor" and so... We are not calling for harm to come to innocent Muslim men, women, and children but rather many of us have written that we fear for them as well should the terrorists attack us again. There are Muslims who call for reform in Islam but when they make that call known, they become apostates - themselves now open to attack from Islamic fundamentalists. If you haven't read Citizen Warrior's critique, you really need to read it to understand that Islam cannot be reformed and that we have no means to defend ourselves except through words that expose the very real threat aligned against our freedoms and liberties as well as our lives. Only words...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It it extremely important to discuss the fact that Izlam cannot be reformed; the evil nation of Izlam is inherent in the Koran and the other holy books of Izlam. No reform is possible, and we delude ourselves when we speak of "reformed izlam", "moderate izlam" or similar such wishful concepts. As the President of Turkey said not long ago, "There is no moderate Izlam, there is only Izlam" and he should know; I believe him and you should too.

Izlam is a two sided coin, religious on the one side and political on the other. When and where it is weak it exist in the religious form only, but where it feels itself powerful, the political nature becomes evident and it begins to assert its intent on political dominance. We are seeing this happen right now throughout Western culture, particularly Western Europe and the USA. Izlam is demanding that it be given more and more "rights" which are not rights at all, but instead are the privilege to dominate our society. Our weak leaders are giving in to Izlam at every turn. So while Izlam routinely commits all manner of atrocities and threatens others, it has become impermissible to even speak the truth about Izlam. We are no longer a free people at all. We have given away our freedom because we did not have the courage to defend ourselves. We are too soft and unwilling to face the possibility of confrontation with Izlam, so we back down and give in. We deserve what we will get, and it will be extremely unpleasant; many of us will die.

There is only one way to solve this problem. We must speak the ugly truth about Izlam at every opportunity, and we must demand that Izlam be removed from our country. Izlam is a political movement that seeks to overthrow our free society, and we cannot allow that to happen. It will happen if we don't stand up and resist it. We did not allow the Communist to operate freely in the US, and similarly we must not allow the Muzlims to operate freely. We must begin to regulate them, tax them, and eventually totally ban them from the US. There is no other way because they are fundamentally incompatible with our free country. - Dr.D

6:23 PM  
Anonymous USpace said...

This 'Racial & Religious Hatred Act' is a load of crap. Hopefully it will be scrapped someday when the lawyers start being pressured to use it against Islam's obvious and much more virulent hate speech.

This planned arrest is terrible news for Lionheart, Britain and the world.
Probably the Luton Pakistani Muslim Heroin and crack gangs who he has helped expose pressured the dhimmi pigs to arrest him.

Too many in the dhimmidiot government in Britain are pathetic and corrupt.
The EU is showing itself to be very evil in practice as well as most misguided and extremely stupid and ignorant of reality.

This suppression of free speech will actually cause more violence and hatred of course.
This case will also serve to educate the masses even more about the evils of Sharia and the importance of standing up to Islam.

This must be made very public, we should all tell all our friends about this. Spread the word! God bless Lionheart, I believe he will prevail.
The lawyers must fight start fighting more.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
outlaw most bloggers

license all the rest
monitor their writing

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
eliminate FREE speech

the truth may not be spoken
if criminals are exposed

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
outlaw self-defense

exposing violent crimes
shall be deemed hate speech

absurd thought -
God of the Universe loves
corrupt politicians

offer immigrants welfare
get their votes to keep your jobs

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
be traitorous garbage

just destroy your country
screw your great-granddaughter


6:54 PM  
Anonymous ERS said...

To one with experience in these matters, it is obvious the murders of the beautiful Said sisters in suburban Dallas were dishonor killings.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

5:39 AM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Lionheart, today. Others, tomorrow?

11:40 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, and I'm rather tired. "By their actions..." comes to mind. So good to hear from you. I've had a few health problems so not up to speed but working on it.

I hope we'll hear from Lionheart and hope that the Brits will come to their senses.

2:41 PM  
Blogger KG said...

Get better soon, BG. And I posted about Lionheart at Crusader Rabbit and A Western Heart.
We must help fight this!

12:47 AM  
Anonymous najistani said...

Wow! The British MSM really have woken up and are beginning to reflect the national mood

Here are five newspaper excerpts from today's Islamophobia Watch in addition to yesterday's Hard-hitting Daily Express article:

Daily Mail


Daily Telegraph 1

Daily Telegraph 2

Sunday Telegraph

The £64000 question is how do we turn this tide of revulsion against the Death-cult into poliitical action? Is it too late? These parasites have wormed their way into every aspect of national life and are producing poisons which are killing the Body Politic.

And they are still entering at the rate of several hundred every day, and swarming and breeding like maggots when they get here. Meanwhile the political parties dare not admit that there is a problem - partly because they are chasing the 'Muslim Vote' - and partly because to stop the influx would be to acknowledge that Muslims are bad for the country (to put it mildly), and thus admit that they have allowed a major national disaster to occur on their watch.

The first rule of finding yourself in a hole is to stop digging. But the mainstream parties won't even do that.

Four actions are needed to save Britain.

(1) Immediate end to Muslim immigration
(2) Immediate deportation of all illegals.
(3) Removal of children from Muslim parents where abuse is possible (physical abuse such as FGM and mental abuse such as hate-cult indocrination)
(4) Internment of all illegals or potential terrorists who can't be deported.

To our American cousins I would say it isn't too late for you, but if you do nothing for another five years you'll be in the same state as Britain. You must stop importing terrorists now!

6:09 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

KG and Najistani - will get your links posted. Will take me a little time but one thing we (US and Britain) need to do is demand that our citizens not be harassed and intimidated like Lionheart and Michael Savage are being. Maybe it starts with letters, not e-mails - to our representatives.

Last night Tom Tancredo - who just withdrew from the presidential race - said that seven or eight years ago he came to Congress and showed a 3 minute film of Mexicans crossing the border with guns and drugs and the Republicans in the Republican Causus just walked out - they didn't even want to see the truth. Now, all candidates are talking about illegal immigration because their constituents are hammering them on it.

Maybe simply hammering away for a Freedom of speech and freedom of the press kind of resolution out of Parliment. The other problem is the UN's recent "defamation against Islam" and Britain being part of the EU. Personally, I think the EU will fail ultimately but by then it may fail to the Islamic Caliphate if, like you say, the politicians don't step in NOW to save their nations and their people. Do they think the Smythes and Jones will be elected to Parliment for much longer as the current trend is going?

Thank you for the links. It will take me some time to get them done but I will. So very good to hear from you both. And Najistani - the Citizen Warrior link - WOW!

9:04 AM  

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