Friday, January 04, 2008

Hillary Clinton to win, place, or show

Last night, had we been at a horse race, Hillary would have been the horse who "also ran" and showed up but no more. Give us a neigh and chomp that carrot, sister! She did, after all, tell people in Iowa to look at her teeth. I thought that was pretty funny and actually good for her - way out of character; not bad really, but... Can Mrs. Bill Clinton "win" in New Hampshire and in other states? Probably but that is not certain. If she does not do well in New Hampshire, you'll see fleas jumping off her as quick as you can say "scat cat." I think that would be fun too... What we saw was a man (Mr. Obama is no Justice Clarence Thomas.) take 38% of the caucus vote in a very white state. That is interesting, is it not? Have we come a long way, baby, or do we just dislike Mrs. Bill Clinton? Or is it something more? Hillary is not change; Hillary personifies socialism and she personifies the continuation of "politics as usual" with open borders, much higher taxes soaking the middle-class which many politicians seem to abhor - how uppity of us to become middle-class and less dependent upon them! Hillary personifies the continuation of the Bush-Clinton cabal. Keep in mind, my only major "bone to pick" with President Bush, aside from his kowtowing to CAIR and giving credibility to kwanzaa for God's sake, is that he has violated his oath of office regarding the invasion from Mexico. But back to the Hill... I have long maintained that Hillary (Mrs. Bill Clinton) cannot withstand a long primary season and to prove me right, this one has been shortened. She doesn't have much farther to go. But Mrs. Clinton promises socialism of a scale we cannot even imagine: managed health care for all which means minimal health care for everyone and especially for our elderly - why keep them alive anyway as a drain on the nation's resources? Right? That's what the numbers-crunchers will think. We need the resources for the illegal aliens from Mexico. [We are so "collectively" stupid it is mind-numbing at times.] But managed health care means rationed health care and we know that does not work. Period... Will Mrs. Clinton be the Democrat candidate for president? Maybe - she has the money to stomp Barack into the dirt and that she will do when she feels threatened enough. For all of his upper-middle class white background, he's still uppity to the Clinton Campaign. One good thing for him is that he is not a FOB which could go a long way to save him, literally. But then, there's a little meeting on Monday that may turn out to be fun. See commentary: Cal Thomas' Meeting of Minds and also Wesley Pruden's A little Smoke today. Maybe the boys are gonna get out the cigars and the bourbon and do a little "smoke-filled" room negotiating. Could be that is long overdue... About damn time, I say. We'll know if "Bloomberg for President" bumper stickers suddenly become available. Let's face it; Mike Bloomberg doesn't even need to raise 0.10 cents to run a campaign. Fred Thompson hasn't taken off; Rudy really won't sell in "fly-over" country 'cause we just don't care that he made New York City safer for New Yorkers. Let's pray for those smoke-filled rooms; let's pray for a statesman or two; and let's pray that a dark horse - stallion with tail and mane flying - will come from behind and save us from this charade. We need some guts and bluster; some good old-fashioned American "take the gloves off" slugging for the presidency. We are worth it... And while I'm at it, Time Magazine selected Putin as the man of the year saying that as Russia goes so goes the rest of the world. Well, that means totalitarianism, folks, and Mrs. Bill Clinton will tighten the chains of slavery around our necks.


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