Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Caucus: Who cares?

Well, it looks like Obama has won the Iowa Caucus on the Socialist Democrat side and Huckabee has "won" the Republican side but it's a long, long way to Tiporaree (sp), right? There was a time I didn't care much about which "party" won the 2008 presidential election. I considered that both or either would give our nation and its sovereignty away. And then I read John Bolton's book, Surrender is not an option. It matters who wins the presidency - it matters a great deal. I'm not sure that the party matters but the person certainly does so I guess that means the party label matters too. Conventional wisdom says that the Socialist Democrats will win and sweep us more into the clutches of socialism: socialized this and socialized that. Conventional wisdom has been wrong before. We - or some of us - thought a black man regardless of former fame would be convicted of killing two white people when DNA said only 1 in 1 trillion people could have committed the heinous murders. We were wrong; we know a murderer walks free. Conventional wisdom can be wrong again and a man putting America FIRST can win the presidency. We, the people, just need to hear that man speak out for our nation, not for special interest groups. We need honesty and statesmanship. Maybe we won't recognize it; maybe we'll turn our back on that honesty; but we need to hear it and we need it now...


Blogger Dr.D said...

Who wins the presidential race this year could make a world of difference for our country, or it could make very little difference. If Ron Paul wins, we could see some real changes for the better and it could be a very positive thing for the nation. If any of the other Republicans win, it will be just a slower slide into slavery than if the Dems win. They are all going to sell us out by continuing the policies of the Clinton-Bush cabal that has made major strides in dismantling US sovereignty. I see no hope with any of the candidates other than Ron Paul because they are all part of the big government elite (with the exception of the Huck who is certainly not elite but definitely pro-big government and just dumb as a post - SCARY!)

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