Thursday, January 03, 2008

Beach Girl's Happy New Year - 2008

Happy New Year - 2008! Can you believe we actually made it to 2008? What a mess 2007 has been what with all those pesky signing statements and all that North American Union stuff! And amnesty for illegals - gives me the shivers... I just finished reading Justice Thomas' book, My Grandfather's Son. Good one! And... John Bolton's book, Surrender is not an Option! Well, surrender to what? The UN, the liberal leftist white elites, the EU, the SPP courtesy of our darling messianic president and countless others who are working double-time to strip us of our national sovereignty. We've got so many things we could surrender to it feels like we're in the spin cycle. I've been called a "racist" by liberal friends and after reading Justice Clarence Thomas's book, I feel like I'm in good company - we share a distaste for the humiliation of "affirmative action" and its attendent "quotas". He's an "Uncle Tom" and I'm "racist." Why? Well, for one thing, we both are under the illusion that all students - legal American citizens - should have access to a good education and there should be equality of opportunity, not equality of out-come. And I'm for qualified conxervative white men having as much of a chance at getting a good job as anyone else! No feminist here - no sir-ree! I was worried about us being invaded by Mexicans - and I'm still ticked off at "you know who" for guarding the borders of Iraq but not guarding our nation from invasion. Everything is so upside-down and backwards, it could make your head spin... And soon we'll have more "religious" holidays than Europe has workdays. What a jolly good time we'll have in 2008 - mui bein? [Look, I can't spell in English; don't expect my Spanish to be any better - at least not right now.] Let's have a blessed New Year and let's have fun along the way. As I have been told more than once, "Don't let the bastards get you down!" God bless us, our military men and women, and give us the energy, strength, and determination to stay on course, to fight for our U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights which will once again be under attack by, as John Bolton calls them, the High Minded who know better how we should live our lives, without God naturally. Well, I'm standing with God and saying, "Bring it on!" 'cause me and mine, (my friends across the internet/planet) we ain't givin' up or givin' in! Happy New Year - 2008!


Blogger Rich said...

Grreat to have you back and swinging the bat!! I feel so much better when you're on the watch. Happy New Year and let the campaign to protect America begin. We will prevail; there is no other option!

9:23 AM  

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