Saturday, December 08, 2007

Would a Hillary Clinton presidency be unconstitutional?

Would a Hillary presidency be unconstitutional? On its face, yes. For 8 years we heard of the Clinton Co-presidency. We heard stated ever-so blithely and repeatedly that if we elected Bill we'd get two Clintons for the price of one. Well, we did and, according to the Clintons, we did get two presidents for the price of one - a co-presidency. According to the U.S. Constitution, no one can serve more than two terms (8 years) as President of the United States. No one, not even a former co-president. Arguably, we've already put up with 8 years of a Clinton-Clinton presidency, and Miss Hillary is running on - of all things - her experience IN THE WHITE HOUSE, as a co-president. I submit that by the very words, co-presidents/two for the price of one, Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is ineligible to run for president and, if we are stupid enough to elect her, I submit that her "presidency" would be unconstitutional and could legally be challenged. Let's end the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton Cabal! It is time to get out of the rut; let's give a different family a chance. Please...

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Blogger Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

I can't see how a known criminal can be elected under U.S. law. Why is she still in the race?

12:41 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

She's in the "race" because we are idiots and no one is brave enough to buck the Clinton machine. As you know, many FOBs - Friends of Bill and Hill - have ended up DEAD, as say Vince Foster with no blood or bone fragments found where he supposedly shot himself, the gun in a position to suggest he shot himself with his RIGHT hand when he was left-handed. These are deadly serious people and people in power are simply afraid of them. I think he should have been shot for treason along with Jane Fonda when he demonstrated on Russian soil AGAINST our troops in Vietnam - a clear criminal and traitorous act. And of course, in the Whitewater scandal, the smartest woman in the known universe "couldn't recall" anything.

As to her being elected - we'll see - it just depends on how dumbed down the women in our nation have been through our government-run educational system (laugh, laugh) but we are in for rough times and with Billy-bo as the "roving" ambassador, I'd say, Lock up the women and young girls for their own safety.

Good to hear from you again...

7:59 AM  

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