Friday, November 30, 2007

US funding Islamic terrorists?

I bow to Diana West. With Bill Gertz, Jerry Seper, and Audrey Hudson - I cannot help but read The Washington Times - and I didn't even include Clarence Page, Bruce Fein, Walter Williams, as well as their indomitable cartoonist, Garner. Today's cartoon is exact amundo, right on, sir. Now, Diana West's editorial/commentary is Money Trail: Who are the fianciers of Islamization?. Diana hits the waterfront in this one in that she plows into China and our whuss of a response and calls us to task as well for rushing out the very next day, some of us as early as the night before, to swarm into stores to spend the despised Yankee dollar on items "Made in China." Try to find any ladies' clothes in Macy's, as an example, that are not made in China. Okay, a few items from Vietnam, but otherwise, if you purchase any women's clothes, you're coming out with "Made in China" articles worked on by nimble fingers in China for slave-wages and passed on to us. West's main question addresses or rather asks essentially is it good for America that American banking is being "islamified"? In a word, no! It's kind of like a "camel's nose under the tent" thing. Much as our educaitonal system once the federal government got involved - again a thank you to Jimmy. Once Sharia Law in any form is accepted, it isn't long before we become accustomed to the strictures and they, like the obscenity of Political Correctness, can become accepted practice. And let's just throw this into the stew: Forum: Warming not man-made. It's like "Henny Penny and the Sky is falling" as we are distracted from one thing to another - mostly away from the things we can do something about in favor of crippling the US economy on things we can't do anything about. Of course, maybe Al Gore will turn in his "carbon footprint" Paul Bunyon-size boots for a man's size 11 but then, that's a little much to ask for, eh! West addresses Citigroup specifically and she wisely uses a quotation from Alex Alexiev, "To put it simply, any Western institution that endorses shariah-compliant products, ipso facto endorses the hateful Islamist ideology behind it, whether they know it or not. Sharia is an integral doctrine and there is no such thing as selecting just a few convenient sharia tenets and rejecting the rest. By endorsing shariah, Western banks end up becoming what Lenin called useful idiots or worse to the Islamists. And it is a very thin line between that and outright complicity in the Islamist agenda." One further point to consider in the financing of Islamic terrorists: Hugo Chavez controlls Citco gas. Hugo Chavez reputedly supports Islamic terrorist training camps in Venezuela. The United States government has at least one Citco gas station that I have personally seen on a Navy Base here at home. So, every time a service man or a member of his/her family purchases that gas, they are directly supporting Islamist terrorists. The fumes make ya dizzy, don't they? What are our leaders "smoking"?


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