Thursday, December 06, 2007

Paris bombing - an Al Qaeda attack?

In today's paper, we learn of another bombing in Paris, the city that burned one summer: Paris bombing kills one, injures one. Can there be much doubt regarding the source of the bomb? I cannot attribute any and all such attacks to Al Qaeda but all such attacks have an Al Qaeda-esque signature. Recently in Pakistan, Bhutto was recently attacked and nearly assassinated by a bomb strapped to an infant. What sick mind takes an innocent infant and kills his own child in the name of Allah? What kind of god is "Allah" to supposedly honor such slaughter and aberration? It boggles the Western mind... Some simple truths seem to be emerging across Europe due to the population redistribution from the Middle East, Islamic nations, to European formerly democratic republics. Certainly helped along by our involvement in Serbia and Kosovo - a shameful involvement for us as we merrily bombed Christian Serbs who had been our allies during WWII and supported anti-democracy folks sworn to wipe Israel off of the face of the map and usher in Islamic dominance both in the United States and throughout the world - a pipeline/funnel has been opened through which Islamists happily access nations once difficult to enter. European nations through the EU will become a hodge-podge of Islamic "states". And arguably, the threat of world-wide Islamist domination threatens our very life and tenets of equality, our simple freedoms. And do not believe that Russia will be unscathed as it is projected to become an Islamic "state" by mid-century. Again, remember it is not through superiority of numbers but through the twisting of our laws against us that the Islamists seek to destroy our institutions and our freedoms. It is sickening to watch our "leaders" or Pied-pipers leading us to the slaughter kow tow to Islamist leaders in the United States and Europe. We are facing a devout enemy for whom life or time mean little. We will be forced to name this enemy and we will be forced to take action. I tend to believe that there are "peaceful" followers of Islam within the United States but their voices are as nothing in the face of the onslaunt by Islamists in many coverings from business suits to robes. And, sadly, these peaceful Muslims are apostates to Islam, and thereby enemies of the islamists. Their lives and livelihoods hang in the balance as well. America needs a moritorium to halt ALL immigration into the United States, a deportation of all illegals and their children born here or not, and the institution of English as the lawful language of the land. One of our strengths as a nation has been that we have had one language that we all speak, dialects not with standing. The one language - English - allows for mobility for all of us to move where we like and have the chance of attaining the "American Dream." That I as a credentialed teacher in California cannot teach in parts of Los Angeles speaks partially to the Balkinization that is occurring within our nation. This must stop. America must be open to all Americans to travel where we wish and to live where we wish. Balkinization - isolation within our own nation - is another attempt to destroy our cohesiveness as a national entity. The times are threatening and the hand of death is at the door. Do we consider our own personal safety or do we fight on for the safety of our children, grandchildren, and those Americans yet to be born? I say the latter. Islamists in any form and under any guise are the greatest threat to Western civilization that exists today. We know the forces that China and Russia align against us; although I had earlier hopes for Putin, I see that I was wrong; but these "enemies" are not new; what is new is the self-avowed enemy that establishes mosques, madrassas, training camps, and the like right here on our soil with the consent of our "leaders". And what is the most open avenue for establishing these "beach-heads"? Our universities... If Islam were, in fact, a religion such as Baptist, Methodist, and such that would be one thing but a reading of the Koran as well as readings of those who are islamists and those who study Islam point to much more; they point to an ideology that is political as well as military encompassing every action its followers take and the penalty for exercising "free choice" and leaving Islam - the penalty is death... Death seems to be the penalty for any number of infractions in Islam, including being the victim of rape... There is much for us to discuss and much for us to just face if we are to survive with our freedoms and our separation of church and state...much indeed. Maybe we don't deserve to survive but right now we have honorable men and women serving in our military and in our "alphabet" agencies who are willing to put their lives on the line for our survival. They deserve the same dedication from us.

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Blogger Dr.D said...

Very good post, Beach Girl. There are a number of points that I would like to comment on.

Muzlims most certain do not value human life in the way that we do in the West. To sacrifice an infant in the cause of Islam is no doubt seen as no big deal for them. Children are easily begotten and not particularly loved; using one as a bomb simply sends that child to heaven and advances the cause of Izlam in their thinking. To us that sounds incredibly cold and calloused, but I have no doubt at all that this is the way that act was rationalized.

Our misadventures in Central Europe, specifically Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, show an incredible lack of understanding and foresight on the part of our State Department and the Pentagon. In part this must be attributed to a lack of knowledge of history, but the rest I think is a willful disbelief of the evident truth. A quote that I read elsewhere this morning that seems to fit here is this: "(Written) history is a lie agreed to by all" attributed to Napoleon. With that in mind, the lie can be changed and that seems to be what our planners in DC have done in order to construct their plans for the past 15 years or more. They have not used the facts that were known before hand to guide them to intelligent choices as to who were our natural allies and who were not. Nor have they used that knowledge to anticipate the outcomes of various actions the US might take.

Regarding Russia, that is an interesting case. Their population is shrinking even more rapidly than most Western nations. I seem to recall a projection that Russia will be less than 100 million by 2050. When the vast land area of Russia is considered, that is an extremely small population. This is an open invitation to invasion. The muzlims are not the only invaders on the Russian horizon. The Chinese are also looking hard at Russia, and they see no reason why Russia should extend all the way to the Pacific ocean. Siberia, with its abundant natural resources is likely to belong to China in the not too far distant future.

There are quiet muzlims living among us; I know some myself. What to make of them is an open question. I don't think we can say that they are truly apostates because they are still at least nominally muzlims. This may be from fear for their lives if they openly try to leave Izlam, or it may be that they still really believe the faith. Either way, I don't think that they can be trusted; they are still muzlims and might side with Izlam if it looked expedient to do in a crunch situation.

Without question American need an absolute halt to all immigration, legal as well as illegal. Then we need the deportation of all people here illegally and the deportation of all people who will not swear allegiance to the USA. Treason must be taken very seriously and punished by either death or deportation. Every one must speak English fluently, everyone. This is essential for the unity of the country, and unity is sorely needed now. We have endured years of increasing disunity, to the point where we are fragmented and balkanized.

Our universities have been bastions of Political Correctness for many, many years now, and this is one of our major disabilities. I say this as a retired Professor, having taught at a number of them. We need to totally eliminate trash curricula like Women's Studies, Black Studies, Izlamic Studies, and most of what goes on in today's English, Psych, Sociology, etc. Departments and return these latter to their classical functions. This would entail a clean sweep to remove most of the existing faculty, something that is very difficult to do.

Izlam describes itself as a complete way of life, including everything from faith, to civil and criminal law, to hygiene, to dietary rules, to dress, to you name it; nothing is not prescribed in detail. There is no "free choice" in regard to anything in Izlam, including the radical idea that anyone might want to leave such perfect imprisonment (apostasy). When working with a 7th century desert mindset, the number of available punishments is limited. Long term imprisonment is not really an option in the desert for nomads, so that is out. This leave various sorts of maiming (cutting off fingers, hands, feet) and then stoning or beheading (death). Just a few simple options to chose from.

Our biggest problems right now are two fold, as I see them: (1) apathy, and (2) self-indulgence. Too many people have yet to be touched by the immigration invasion in ways that make any real difference in their lives, and they just don't want to be bothered. Of those that know of the problem, there are too many that are unwilling to disturb their own comfort to do what is necessary to save the country. It is definitely going to require some sacrifice for us to recover our country. If we continue as we are, we are going to lose it and that pretty soon. What has to happen is to get enough people sufficiently disturbed to cause them to be willing to act. That's the hard part!

2:34 PM  
Blogger yo e said...

all i have to say is great blog - dr.d and you have good heads on yalls shoulder-let metell you its all about a new world democracy wants to obliterate such thinking as is done in islam- there are trying to hold on to there old ways - but are fight a war with unbalanced sides these people are trying there best to stay away from the illuminati believe me-

if you have any immigration questions click here

6:05 PM  
Blogger Douglas V. Gibbs said...

any time there is a bombing, nowadays, it makes one wonder if it was Jihadist backed. Great post, as was the one before about Sharia Law in the U.S.

1:48 AM  
Blogger Rich said...

We must rise up for our children! Not by strapping bombs on them but making sure we arm them with knowledge. This problem is so obvious and I agree totally with the Dr's analysis with what's wrong and the problems we face. I am running for congress as my part. And I try to spread the word about Islam but many see you as over reaching when you describe the true nature of Islam. I fear often that we are too late to stop it but I know we will one way or the other. My 13 year old son asked me a question out of the blue the other day. He said "Dad, could there ever be another revolution in this country like the civil war?". My answer was sadly, I'm not sure the American people are up to that task...

10:39 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you all. Rich, take heart! Americans of all ethnicities are Americans when push comes to shove and we are up to the task. Hopefully, we'll get good leaders who do not want to sell us out through such means as NAFTA and the North American Union (NAU). We can stop it; yes we can.

11:30 AM  

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