Thursday, December 06, 2007

Any Sharia Law in USA undermines our freedoms

I was thinking about CAIR's abuse of Michael Savage and their assault upon our freedoms - name any one. It occurred to me that we are being forced to "accept" sharia law one foot-washing station at a time. Here are a few examples: Foot-washing stations at two international airports, Phoenix and Kansas City, I believe; and of course, at the University of Michigan. Taxi drivers refusing to carry passengers who have bought duty-free alcohol in Minneapolis (big bru ha ha under the direction of a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood now seen as so dangerous as to be banned from Egypt. Flaps over Muslim women not being allowed to wear hijabs for driver's license pictures. Why would Muslim women in America be allowed to drive cars anyway? Can they drive cars in Saudi? 2,300 mosques now exist in America - and we're a "colonial" power? It takes practitioners of the "religion of ?" to fill those mosques. And I don't know how many madrassas (Muslim schools) exist within our nation where hatred of our nation and our government are taught. In the Islamic city of Fairfax, Virginia, traffic is stopped on major highways so that people can go to prays 5 times a day. Islamic prayer rooms in some public schools or so I've read... Hush, hush, don't whisper "Merry Christmas" in a public school; you'll be suspended... So, in my own way, I sent a small check to the legal defense fund for Michael Savage. Why? I'm fighting for my freedom too, and yours... Address here - not much, just $10.00 from each of Michael's listeners will go a long way in defense of OUR freedoms. I read a quotation the other day from a man serving in Iraq. He said he wanted his children to know when they grew up that he fought in Iraq so that "his children would be able to worship at any church of their choice and his wife would never have to wear a burqua." By the way, we don't stop traffic any place else in America for folks to attend church, not to my knowledge. This is one more act of submission, one more act of Dhimmitude or servitude to a "political ideology" that wants domination over us all...or so says Mr. Omar M. Ahmed. And he is not the only CAIR or former member of CAIR to express such sentiments. We are fortunate in that these folks have openly declared themselves enemies of we, the people, and the government of the United States of America. They are fortunate in that no one is listening to them...



Blogger Dr.D said...

It ought to be soooo... easy to put a stop to this foolishness by citing the separation of church and state, and yet because of the temper tantrums the muzlims throw, the civil authorities invariably fail to do their jobs. The government officer should be removed from their posts for failure to do their jobs, and this stuff has to stop immediately!

2:37 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

As stated; it is only a seperation of Christian religions that seems to get the attention of anyone and any "enforcement". A great book on the Virginia connection to Islam and our enemies is "Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington" by Paul Sperry. He has done a lot of research and the facts are extreemly disturbing but a must read for all Americans...

5:11 PM  

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