Sunday, December 09, 2007

Clinton third in Iowa; rocky in New Hampshire?

Could it be that Clinton may finish third in Iowa and smash right up against the granite walls of New Hampshire? Well, it seems that Clinton's "lead" is eroding as reported by Donald Lambro in Hillary's lead in N.H. polls eroding. I would like to see a good, old-fashioned presidential campaign in 2008 and we won't get that if Mrs. Bill Clinton is annointed "queen" of the far-left dems. I want a good, old knock-down-and-dragged-out battle for the presidency in the time-honored fashion of much earlier brawls for the White House. Take the gloves off; kick this "kinder-gentler" garbage to the curb and "put up yer dukes". Let's see the republicans and democrats slug it out over ideas and a platform, not a love fest with the biggest victim group either camp can "buy". We're Americans, or most of the voters are; let's make the men earn it. We'll have a woman president but let's have one with the personal integrity to stand up to anyone on merit, not on staying married to a philanderer - that's not much of an accomplishment or recommendation, especially when it is done for political expediency; that's just plain disingenuous... If any man deserved a divorce and a huge alimony payment to his former spouse... - but wait, it was her $900,000 that bailed him out, right? OMG, she took the abuse as he denigrated and reputedly assaulted women and made her the laughing stock of women across America and then she chose to pay for it as well? Hmm... Back to, back to... Wouldn't it be fun to see Clinton come in third in Iowa, then slip more in N.H.? I'll bet her "loyal" supporters would be bailing out quicker than fleas jumping off a dog heading for a bath. Which leads me to the main point. We - the people - need a political bath; not re-education camps manned by "political correctness" enforcers. We've had enough of Mao's Little Red Book indoctrination; haven't we? We are Americans! We need a great election campaign to get our political juices flowing; to invigorate us; to put ideas on the table, not "I've got so many ideas (read I'm gonna raise your taxes and drive you out of your middle class life style to do it) we can't pay for them all - hold tight to your wallets)". We do not need to be divided by skin-color or ethnicity. We are Americans and we're greater than our surface differences. But hold tight to your wallet... You can almost see the dollar signs flashing like cherries and stars on a slot machine when Ms. Clinton speaks. You can almost imagine her eyes glazing over at the thought of all your money that the government mistakenly lets you keep when she could spend it so much better. That money is hers, hers, hers to spend chaining people to government handouts. Nothing wrong with a "hand up" but "hand outs" are bad for Americans; those handouts are designed to keep us down "on the plantation", make no mistake. Yep, let's pull the puff-pieces and get to the red meat!


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