Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beach Girl's Thank you!

Allow me a few words of appreciation for all of you who have been visitors/readers since I began this blog on July 4, 2006. A friend introduced me to Sitemeter in August 2006 and I signed up around August 11, so I have a few days to go before a year anniversary with Sitemeter. With 590 posts - some well-received, some not - and 365 days plus or minus a few for the 2 and 1/2 months I was sick in January, February, part of March 2007, it has been a great year for me sharing views with you. Blog-hopping to Finland then down to Australia and over to India. And let's not forget the Far East, my friends in Italy who re-introduced me to Oriana Fallaci who sadly departed this world on September 15, 2006, or friends right here at home in the United States. You lift my spirits. Mike Jericho told me early-on that blogging could be a demanding endeavor and he is right. But to know that we are a group of people across the globe who are now "friends" is remarkable to me. We don't all agree, but we are still free to have our blogs and to share our views. Right, wrong, or in the middle. Thank you for your readership, for your repeat visits, and for linking to Conservative Beach Girl.


Blogger MK said...

Congrats BG, a whole year ey. Good on ya, here's to hoping you'll be putting this up in 2008 as well.

2:00 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you and a year of "counting" at Sitemeter on August 11, 2007. I have to say readers/visitors have been very kind and generally repeats. Interesting though, now that I have started adding "labels", I have the search engines as top referrals.

Ah, MK, yes, I'll be putting "this" up in 2008 is all goes well. It has been a great year. It is the encouragement of comments that keep the engine running...

8:10 AM  

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