Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beach Burst - 7/31/07 - Sharia advances & more

Koran abuse draws hate-crime charge reported by Audrey Hudson. Well, folks, now we have it. Sharia Law becoming institutionalized in the United States. Trashing a book is not abuse, any book. It might be vandalism but a "hate-crime'? Killing and raping women, not to mention stoning them to death, in honour killings - now that's "abuse." Look, someone pisses in a jar, puts a crucifix in the urine upside down, and it's friggin' art. Slinging dung on a painting of Mary and the Baby Jesus is art; tossing a book in a toilet is a "hate-crime." Let me guess, the guy stole the Koran, right? Well, what if he had bought the Koran, with his own money? Tossing it in the toilet then, is that a hate-crime? We need a bit of a reality check - and quick! If the guy stole the book, okay, that's a misdemeanor theft. But a felony! Hmm... Anyone been prosecuted lately for destroying the Holy Bible? Well, that would be justified and certainly not a hate-crime, right? ~~~~~~~~~~~ Good and bad news by Frank Gaffney, Jr has good news: over objections of pro-terrorist liberal leftists in US Senate and House, John Doe legislation to protect American citizens from 'flying imam' lawsuits passed...read the rest about Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Egypt) front group that threatened to sue airline passengers...Read the bad news too where tax dollars are being used to fund an Islamist school in New York. It'll frost you from your nose to your toes. ~~~~~~~~~~~ U.S. parks official OKs Flight 93 memorial (could not find the link) I thought we'd gotten rid of the "Islamic terrorist" geometric elements in the design. You recall, the design that showed the star and crescent in the blazing color of red foliage when the leaves turn in the fall. No? Why do we honor Islamic terrorists? ~~~~~~~~~~~~ No booby prizes in this campaign by Wesley Pruden - the "take no prisoners" writer for the Washington Times speaks out about Hillary's cleavage prank. Why should anyone care? A little lace is one thing. Cleavage on the Senate floor is something else and speaks more about Hillary's platform than it does about her critics. Truth is, she can't survive the "no holds barred", rough-and-tumble of an election campaign among the men so she shows cleavage! But really, why should anyone care? What is her age exactly? Ya can't win wars with cleavage. And what will the mullahs say about this prank? That's right. She wouldn't even be allowed out of the house without a male relative at her side, much less showing cleavage on the Senate floor. What a putz! ~~~~~~~~~~~ Dhimmitude by any name: U.S. offers arms to Arab allies to help secure Iraq What are we thinking? What Arab allies? ~~~~~~~~~~~ Mexico wants border fence plan altered by Mark Stevenson. Has anyone taken a look at the mess the current "migratory" wild-life is leaving across our deserts? "Mexico is calling on the United States to alter a plan to expand border fences designed to stem illegal immigration, saying the barriers would threaten migratory species accustomed to roaming freely across the frontier." How can Mexican officials even say this with a straight face?


Blogger Beach Girl said...

I do not usually go in for tabloid writing and certainly Wesley Pruden does not. The point is I have no respect for Senator Hillary Clinton. She cannot sustain herself in a no-holds-barred campaign against men - she just can't do it.

How any woman can vote for her with what she allowed to happen in the White House with her daughter there is inexcusable. If she becomes president of the United States, the "cleavage" shot will always be out there. How well will that serve us? Not well.

Thanks to a reader who recommended that I avoid tabloid writing if I expect anyone to take me seriously. I assure everyone, I have not even begun to write in a tabloid manner. I'll leave that for the really talented.

But Hillary cannot survive in a real out and out political campaign against men. They will defer to her, not out of respect but because they have to be gentlemen whereas she is not burdened with that obligation.

Of course, if she becomes president, we will have had the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton scenario for 28 years. Then it will be time for another Bush. I think a change would do us good.

11:28 PM  

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