Friday, August 03, 2007

Multiculturalism, infectious globalism now pandemic!

A post at the Gates of Vienna, The EU and Globalist Alliance, led to a late-evening rant... Far more deadly than a speeding train or even conventional weapons, the mantra of "multiculturalism" has become the chant to stop discussion of issues that effect and alter the cohesion of a nation's people beyond repair; a mantra couched as "diversity" and how that is really good for a nation. Multiculturalism is designed to weaken all strong nations and destroy completely the weaker ones. Problem - the CDC has no antidote but then how could they? And of course in America, if one even wants to discuss "multiculturalism" and adverse effects it may be having due to cultures not "assimilating" into our "American" culture, one is called a racist. In America that is absurd in that we are so diverse. However, true, racist hate-groups that call themselves "The Race" are immune to a scrutiny of their agenda. Because, whoops, that scrutiny would be "racist". There is just one tad of perspective that seems to have been left out of the equation in this multicultural panacea of "globalism": Islam. [music to Darth Vador in the background.] We are told, or at least I have read, that Muslims belong to Islam and have no loyalties to any physical, bordered nation, but rather are only loyal to Islam - as dictated and interpreted by which mullah or ayatollah is in charge. If that is true, then it follows that once the "globalists" finish destroying Western Civilization and weakening smaller nations totally, the only "nation" that will remain standing is Islam - a political, societal ideology that encompasses and rigidly controls an individual's life from cradle to grave, stripping away any chance at the freedoms we in the West hold dear. An ideology that controls through beheadings, honour killings, severing of hands for infractions, and even letting young school girls burn to death in a school fire; an ideology that has no mercy or compassion for its own followers and exhorts them to kill - certainly not assimilate with - infidels. Infidels are not restricted just to non-Muslims. Some Muslims have been targeted as well for not being "muslim" enough. That notion strikes me as "funny" because I listened to an interview with a baseball star who is black saying that another player was not "black enough" because the other player is 1/2 black and 1/2 white. Can't continue to have this "race card" thing both ways. It seems that, like it or not, we are not only fighting Islamofascism but our own "home-grown" globalists as well. Not good. The following is from the Gates of Vienna and posted under the title, The EU and Globalist Alliance: (emphasis added)
Here is an interesting comment about Multiculturalism posted at a website in, of all places, Bangladesh: “Multiculturalism is an unnatural and unhealthy condition that can only afflict countries in national decline. (…) Greed and corruption will characterise the government coupled with oppressive measures directed against its citizens. Lies and deceit will be the stock and trade of media, politicians, and educational institutions.” Multiculturalism “is used to prevent a national consensus among the electorate. It erodes values, cultures, beliefs, religions, ethnic habits, etc. ensuring a swirling river of discontent upon which the multiculturalists rides. It is a perfect method of ensuring that there can never be accord, unity, or a commonly shared destiny among those ruled.” In other words: Multiculturalism is simply a tool for divide and conquer. Is there then any point in trying to comprehend its logic at all? Maybe it was just a convenient excuse used for disrupting the established order of nation states by flooding them with mass immigration under the cover of “cultural diversity” or historical inevitability. If that is the case, there never was any coherent logic behind it, so we shouldn’t waste our time looking for one. Many of those promulgating it never believed a word of it themselves. Multiculturalism is the new Allah: Don’t understand, just obey. This was undertaken by a coalition of different groups with a shared goal of undermining Western nation states. I heard supporters of mass immigration a generation ago state that all this talk about how it would change our societies into the unrecognizable was scare-mongering and racism. Now, the same groups are saying that yes, our societies have been changed forever. It’s good, and it’s anyway too late to do anything about it, so get used to it! Their propaganda was used to deceive the public and keep it off balance in order to implement potentially irreversible changes with little real debate. They knew they would never get the permission to destroy their own countries, so they simply didn’t ask. [I am tossing the idea of the North American Union into this discussion. Did you hear or see anyone vote for this corruption? (Beach Girl question.] By dismantling national borders, the EU has facilitated the largest migration waves in European history. When Poland became a member, many Poles moved to Britain, Germany etc. This left Poland with a labor shortage. They are now considering importing workers from the Ukraine and Russia to compensate for the Poles that left. At the same time, native Brits are fleeing to Spain because they don’t feel at home in Britain anymore. By such moves, you unleash a chain migration that will eventually smash nation states that have existed for ages. Yet this intra-European migration pales in comparison to the immigration from developing nations. The end result will — supposedly — be an entire continent of people without any national loyalties who will be divided, disoriented and thus presumably easier to control.
Remember the goal is to control us, to disorient us; to destroy our sense of national unity - that unity means we, as Americans, working together from our strengths; to turn our values upon us; to pound into our heads daily that all cultures are morally equivalent - I just bet the Southern Baptist Convention is okay with that; and to have our heads spinning in an upside-down world where we have no anchor points to hold on to - why? So that we will be lemmings and look to the very creators of our dilemma for our salvation. My friends, it takes balls to be that morally bankrupt. And in America most recently, one can look to the Immigration Bill of 1965. Even our government assures us that the "R.o.P." Islamic terrorists will be successful in attacking us on American soil - soon. Of course, some could be cynical and say, "Now that's a really 'cover your ass' kind of assurance." Hey, look - after the next attack, we'll hear: "We told you so! But those open borders are sure fine for Mexico and all those migratory wildlife critters." I have written about the "termites of Islamic terrorism" gnawing at our foundations. When you take a step or two back, you see that globalist groups such as the Council of Foreign Relations have been hard at work for a very long time. Add to that, the liberal-leftist socialists who have been chipping away at our individualism and freedoms for decades now, since the turn of the last century. But in "multiculturalism" they have all found a clever way to relax our immigration laws and increase their own poverty-based constituents. How clever is that? A person gets to come into the country under some excuse; if classified as a "minority", he can jump up the line, bring in extended family members, and get to vote. But the real bonus is that he gets to vote money out of your pocket and put it into his. How many trillions have we spent on the "Great Society" and the "War on poverty"? Are you getting richer? And for the "true" minorities - American blacks, American Indians, the Irish and others, who have gotten ahead legitimately - working hard and all the rest - they now get to support the "third-worlders" who are taking the jobs their kids should have as entry level jobs and they get to provide health-care and a kazillion benefits to the "third-worlders" here legally or illegally. We need a moratorium on legal immigration, NOW, and we need to stop illegal immigration DEAD in its tracks! You telling me it can't be done? Well, then don't go telling me this is the most powerful nation on earth. Powerful nations like concrete foundations or fortresses of stone can be brought down under constant attack even from humble grasses and vines, not to mention the tireless ant colonies - not even going to moles and such vermin. Take a look at your garden-variety ant workers and tell me you can really "negotiate" with them to please be good little ants and "don't destroy our home." Let me assure you, I believe in the American people. I believe we can come through anything but right now, we need to look to our strengths and we must not allow the concepts of "multiculturalism" and "political correctness" to tear us apart. We must see these concepts as the red herrings that they are. In the mix, know that - to the elites - "multiculturalism" does not include Western Civilization as worth saving. Well, it is! And we have to save it and the elite along with it - America has an American culture; Britain has a British culture; the nations I have visited and lived in have cultural characteristics unique to themselves. We do not need a "one world culture". Where would the diversity, charm, and national uniqueness be in that? Talk about boring... [Let me just amend this post a tad and say that I have faith in the many Europeans who are fighting Islamofascism within their own nations and who are making a stand against Islamic Imperialism such as the folks in Denmark. Emigrating is not the answer - fighting for what is good and worthwhile in your Western culture is the answer. If England falls - as an example - it will be bloody hell getting it back. And I don't want to Westminster Abbey in ruins or flying the star and crescent. Do you?] H/T to True Discernment at The EU and the Globalist Alliance from the Gates of Vienna.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on girl! Now run for office and do something about it! You could vote for RON PAUL for president too.

11:40 PM  
Blogger kipwatson said...

A few flaws in the argument.

1) Criticism of Islam is widespread. They may not like it, but plenty of people do it. If you want to see who the _real_ protected species are, try saying something equivalent about homosexuals or Jews...

2) As vile and dangerous as they are (and as a supporter of the WoT and OIF, I wouldn't underestimate the threat terrorists pose), the number of terrorists is a vanishingly small percentage of all Muslims. The number of Muslims fighting, risking their lives and dying, for the benefit of their own people and ours, overwhelmingly exceeds the terrorists. I don't feel all that comfortable with spiteful remarks about our allies' religion when they are dying at a far greater rate than our own people.

3) Multiculturalism is really bad policy, I agree. But there are two important points. Firstly, our Islamic co-citizens didn't invent this policy, they arrived here on good faith on the invitation of our representatives, so who really deserves our anger? Secondly, the idea that our culture -- democratic Christian culture -- is unacceptable and ought to be improved by mixing with other cultures, is not a Muslim idea, but a _leftist_ idea, influenced in part by the deep bigotry of the many left wing Jews who make up such an unrepresentative proportion of the Western Left.

So there's plenty of blame to go around. How about we focus our attention on the real bad guys and live and let live with regard to our our allies and fellow citizens?

And, you know, the average Muslim is a pretty easy going, philosophical person. A little lazy (that can be a good quality). They say 'peace' for a greeting, and 'if God wills it' instead of 'yes'. Personally, I find the ones I know pretty good company and nice to have around.

9:39 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Kip, thank you for your excellent points. I don't mean to imply that "multiculturalism' is a Muslim idea. To the contrary, however, the radical leaders or self-appointed leaders, have seen the weaknesses and are exploiting them.

I agree with "live and let live" but again, I have posted elsewhere that it is not the average Muslim in America who wants to destroy our nation and put under Sharia Law. Frankly, I'm sure many Muslims in America want to flee from Sharia Law. I for one do not want to see innocent fellow-citizen Muslim men, women, and/or children harmed when we are attacked here at home as promised by Chertoff and company.

I have linked to Dr. Jasser for the specific purpose of providing him one more tiny voice - although he doesn't know of me. Rational voices of Muslims in America must have a forum which the MSM is not giving them. Their voices are the ones we need to hear and to protect.

You are so correct that there is plenty of "blame" to go around and the Liberal Socialist Left in America has been using every method they can get their hands on the break us down.

Thank you for your thoughtful remarks and for stopping by.

10:28 PM  
Blogger kipwatson said...

Well, I apologise if I assumed I knew your views, when really I was just addressing general errors common on the right (and I use the term 'right' with affection, I am a proud right wing conservative).

I'll definitely read some more of your site...

11:20 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Kip, no apology necessary. I liked your comments and the points are good. As I expressed in a group this morning, we Americans need to know much more about the "cultures" in the Middle East and not paint the entire Middle East with a broad brush. Islam is a very expansive term and is full of factions. We Americans simply don't know that - I'm not speaking of "sectarian" violence here. I speaking of the fact that the "separations" in the Middle East go back to Abraham - the twelve tribes, the two that broke off, the Hebrews, Israelis, the Jews and then the gentiles.

My understanding and the general American's understanding of the nuances of the "diversity" throughtout the Middle East is woefully limited. In the group this morning, I cautioned that we need to avoid painting "Arabia" with a broad brush.

I liked your comments which gave me pause - things to think about - and that is why I invite you to comment here any time. I got my first true introduction at the Gates of Vienna, or Gates of Vienna. Whenever I comment there, I feel like I've just stepped out of a kindergarten class and I'm surrounded by post-doc folks. The Baron does some mighty heavy lifting at the Gates.

Let me know when you set up a blog. As for myself, I do rant on a bit from time to time but it is just from weariness. You might also like the 910 Group Blog which is the Center for Vigilant Freedom - for freedom worldwide. A link is over at my sidebar under our logo - the Phoenix. I have always gotten strength from that symbology - the logo was done by the Baron.

Come back anytime...

11:52 PM  
Blogger kipwatson said...

Well now you mention it... :)

I do Blog intermittently (but not always intelligently) at on political topics, and for personal and Christian stuff.

I have some long-ish posts about 'the Muslim question' here:

Plus here's a post defending those other undeserved enemies of the Right, the French!

12:50 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Kip, thank you. I"m going out today but will check out "littletinsoldier" later on. Thanks...

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A poster mentions the greeting muslims give that being peace!
The poster should be aware peace in islam does not mean what we accept as the meaning!
He/She also mentions jews being protected, Come to Europe and see how protected they are, more and more attacks year on year.
October the first a new law comes into the eu and uk.
This law is made to protect muslims and islam period!
No comments of a nature that may upsett a muslim .IE not allowed to discuss islam.
We already know terrorists are not islamic because we've been told this is what to say.
Should i stand up and say rubbish of course they are islamic and muslim i could get thrown into prison for three years!
We've a choice now we either bow to islam or speak out!
I say we speak out loud and clear.
The Arabs run the UN and also Europe our politicians are their puppets.
Smash the EU and smash the idea of MULTICULTURALISM...ONE NATION ONE CULTURE!

5:44 AM  

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