Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Beach Burst - 5/2/07: Mexico's Drug Cartels wage war on USA

Today's Beach Burst will reference articles and commentaries exclusively devoted to illegal immigration and drug smuggling. The question that arises is two-fold: 1) why do the Mexicans take such a risk? and 2) where do these "poor" Mexicans get the money to even get into our nation? It is true that it can be argued that when they arrive in the USA they have hit the mother lode. One thing I want to say right up front. When illegal alien parents are deported, send the little tykes with them whether the little lads and lassies are American citizens or not. If American citizens, they can choose when they are 18 which citizenship they want. 1) The first and most important article is Druglords now smuggling people into U.S. by Olga R. Rodriguez of the Associated Press. 2) Arthur H. Rotstein points out that we need to deport folks who have over-stayed their visas too in Vehicle barriers big part of push to stop illegal entries. 3) See the comment following Protesters 4) Protesters in Mendota protest American enforcement agencies doing their jobs in Mendota marchers. 5) How do such "poor" people illegally infiltrate our nation anyway, Protests down. Everyone is taking a whack at the illegals - first they pay thousands to the coyote: then drug lords getting into the extortion racket charge van drivers a fee; at a gas station, drug folks are charging every person in the vans a $45.00 fee per person and then the drug lords are charging the coyote a fee of $45.00 for each person in the respective vans. Then the US is proposing the charge illegals $3,500 for a legal work visa and an $10,000 fine. Hey, the more fines the merrier. Just who is footing the "fees" for the illegals? In a comment to this article, "We have seen one of the jobs that Americans will not do -- enforce immigration laws." Good, heck, great comment. So, instead of hiring illegals to do backbreaking work in the fields, let's set up a company and hire/contract with illegals to enforce our border/immigration laws. Give them bonuses for all the folks they stop. Oohrah. And, as Ann Coulter suggested, let's hire the illegals to build that fence with flood lights every ten feet. Let's put the illegals to work protecting our nation. Someone needs to and why not the illegals. 6) This one is rich since rational discussion requires fluency in the language, John Lee Evans has written an interesting commentary, Immigration requires rational discussion. The comments here are good too. They are worth your time. 7) To tickle your funny bone and keep you laughing - I am not responsible for any physical harm you may bring upon yourself, see UN rights expert to probe US treatment of illegal immigrants. Yes, sent from Mexico by the UN Council on Human Rights headed by Syria! And we take these folks seriously? Speaking about jails, any volunteers for folks to spend a week in a Mexican jail? Why aren't Americans swarming into Mexico - because at their southern border, they shoot invaders; and at their northern border, they put us in jail, find out if our families have an financial assets, and then beat the hell out of us while our relatives sell everything they own to get us back. 8) And in the midst of going up in flames due to illegals, San Diego to broaden smoking ban, here. 9) And two more related stories, Armed men who stormed Mexican hospital were members of Tijuana drug cartel and Mexican police find corpses dumped in cars and garbage bags in apparent drug violence. One quotation from the last article may be a reason to legalize drugs in America and have them controlled just like we do alcohol, "Analysts estimate that Mexican drug gangs make between US$10 billion (euro7.4 billion) and US$30 billion (euro 22 billion) selling cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine to the US market, rivaling the money Mexico makes from oil exports and foreign tourism." Still interested in keeping our borders open? Or how about traveling to Mexico to add to their tourist trade income? Maybe it is time for a serious discussion about legalizing drugs in the United States. I realize that would/could put a lot of DEA and ATF folks out of work but it seems those folks could be transferred to ICE or to the Border Patrol where we are absolutely engaged in a war not unlike the war Columbian's face against the Cali and Medellin Cartels.


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