Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hate Crimes Law coming to silence you

The "Hate Crimes" Bill is moving to a vote in the full House. "Hate Crimes" Bill Moving to Full House and Hate Crimes Law Could Muzzle Free Speech, Critics Fear I have never supported even the notion of "hate crimes" laws because I have always believed that murder is murder and if punished correctly it doesn't really matter if the crime is based in the usual suspects: gender, race, religion, et al. To me "hate" motivates most murders and therefore, if a white man kills his white wife, should he receive less time than if he had been a black man killing a white man? The "Hate Crimes" legislation that is winding its way into our culture is meant to divide us even more. How can we have equality before the law if, because he was a homosexual hitting on a straight man, Matthew Shepard - once brutally murdered by said straight man and his cohorts - deserved special mention and more time added to the killers' time because they were straight and Matthew Shepard was homosexual? Yes, what happened to Matthew Shepard was brutal and unspeakable just as what happened to Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom here and here - but to make them hate crimes (which of course they were) punishable by more "jail" time is absurd. Execute the bastards in both killings and be done with it. The heinous killings in both cases were vile and perpetrated by subhuman life forms deserving at the very least the needle in the arm and not three square meals a day, etc. at our expense. However, watch the slippery slope that is now being embarked upon with more "hate crimes" legislation. Pennsylvania has hate crime laws that allow for prosecutions for "alleged intimidation" - how does one intimated in addition to speech? Do we want legislation that punishes "thought"? Who decides if the thought is "hate thought"? The Religious Police, aka Iran? From "Hate Crimes Bill Moving to Full House":
"Despite what its advocates say, this is not about crime - it's about special treatment," said the Family Research Council. "HR 1592 would further carve out "tiers" of victims, putting more importance on crimes committed against Rosie O'Donnell than against her next door neighbor."
From Hate Crimes Law Could Muzzle Free Speech, Critics Fear,
"On October 10, 2004, 70-year-old Linda Beckman went to jail overnight for publicly objecting to a homosexual rally in Philadelphia, an action that violated Pennsylvania's hate crimes law. The grandmother of 10, who was one of 11 people arrested during a counter-protest, has joined forces with social conservative groups in hopes of preventing a similar law from being enacted at a federal level."
"Prosecution for alleged intimidation"...hmmm.... Granny Beckman sure must have been "really" intimidating to the homosexual men marching. Give me a break! In Pennsylvania you don't even have to have said anything "intimidating", you just have to have it alleged that you did. Quick, turn in your neighbor, they had a thought! Freedom of speech anyone? Alan Chambers has a good point, Violent acts are already illegal in the United States,
"To make them (homosexuals) a protected class says I was more valuable as a homosexual than I am today as a former homosexual," Chambers argued.
Randy Forbes (R-Va.) said, "The law already protects everyone equally... What hate crimes legislation does, it begins to treat people unequally." So my question is, when will the bell toll for you? Today, you may think you are in charge of dictating what is a hate crime and what isn't. But when will the tables turn. I am reminded of a case some years ago when a black lady heralded the Civil Rights Law of 1964, UNTIL she was told, yes, she had to rent to a white couple because she could not discriminate by race, color, creed, etc. Keep in mind this hateful legislation was introduced by John Conyers who has a large Muslim population in his district. This law is all about denying you and me our freedom of speech by calling any discussion about Islam and its practices - "hate thought" or alleged intimidation, or "hate speech". Of course, speech by anti-American imams would be protected as freedom of religious speech as they call us dogs, devils, and worse from their mosques right here in the good, old US of A. We don't need laws like this in the North American Union, currently known as the United States of America. Call your representative if you feel the urge to "protect" our freedoms and ask them to vote against HR 1592 to protect your freedom of speech!


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