Thursday, November 02, 2006

Want Amnesty for illegals? Vote Democrat

Well, that's a kick in the pants. A front page story in the Washington Times, Bush may find an ally on immigration, goes into detail that a vote against Republican candidates is a vote FOR the President's Amnesty Bill for illegals. Is that ironic or what? Vote against Republicans 'cause ya hate the president, and the illegals win. Or stay home 'cause you're mad at the president and the illegals win, you lose. To quote from the article:
"Spending aside, Congress still faces the four major immigration questions that it punted on this year -- how to secure the border, how to boost workplace enforcement, whether to create a new program for future foreign workers in addition to the existing work programs that hundreds of thousands of people already use; and what to do about the estimated 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens now in the country. Mr. Bush, joined by almost all Democrats and some Republicans, wants action on all of those issues, and the Senate passed such a bill this year. But House Republicans insist that the government must prove it can control the borders and enforce the laws before considering a new worker program, and many Republicans oppose legalization of illegal aliens altogether, arguing that it is amnesty for lawbreakers."
I don't support amnesty for ANY illegals or folks who have over-stayed their visas. Actually, I'd favor a complete moritorium on all immigration for about 30 years along with deporting those here now - one at a time. But that's me. Remember, when you give amnesty to illegals, that's all of them from all nations including Indonesia, the Middle East, Russia, everywhere. Multiculturalism does not work; competing cultures cannot exist in the same space. Give amnesty to the millions of illegals here in this country and you are taking food from the mouths of your children; you are decreasing the quality of health care for your aging parents. And don't come crying to me when your kids can't get work because they cannot be classified as some "more favored minority" or the "most favored minority de jour". And while I'm on it, if you think "affirmative action", "job quotas", and such other institutionalized discrimination practices will be there to bail you out when you are the minority or when your status on the existing minority top two dwindles as it is and will, think again. It's hasta la vista, baby!


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