Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Woman of Islam - a response

Today, I received two comments from a commentor who identified herself as Muslim woman. Just to clear the air, I'm posting my responses to her. I have not posted her comments because I need to consider them a bit more. I take being threatened in my own home very seriously and I don't like it when my global brothers and sisters are threatened either. I know Brigitte Gabriel and have every reason to believe her and the integrity that she brings to the table. I have watched programs of some Muslim women training their children since infancy to hate me and mine. I object to Islamic organizations in our nation or other "Western" nations working to undermine our system of government, to overthrow us if you will. As I posted earlier, Islamists have overthrown Spain, Thailand, Britian (withdrawal of Tony Blair), and poised to do that in USA. Using our laws and our tolerance (our striving for the ideal of equality even at the risk of annihilating ourselves in the process) against us seems to be the newest form of attack. The problem is that eventually we will be forced to defend ourselves and our way of life. Let no one think that we cannot do it. We are being pushed and, frankly knowing how tough we can be, I really hope the folks doing the pushing back off. Western men are slow to anger but are protecting our way of life even if their efforts are not always visible. Everyone else thinks that "they" think long-term and we don't. What they do not know is that Western men guage their wins and losses. They will give a battle here or there but they have their eye on winning the war. Watch the movie, Master and Commander. That is the Western man - full, front and center. We are called the Great Satan. Well, the greatest trick that Satan pulled off was to convince everyone that he didn't exist. What is our greatest strength? Make a list of all the things the Islamists see as our weaknesses. With warts and all, Western civilization has, since the Magna Charta and also based in our Roman and Greek roots, developed a most progressive civilization - based upon the equality of man before the law. The ideal is that men (I use the grammatically correct plural) have an equal opportunity of success (not of the socialist-oriented equality of outcome which stifles incentive and robs the achievers for the benefit of the welfare/socialist give me, give me, give me crowd) as well as the equal chance at failure. I know our system is not perfect but we, the people, do not conquer; we do not colonize. How many Americans as an example do you see swarming into the Middle East to live? Not many. We, the people, are not establishing "beachheads" in Islamic countries. We are not establishing internal communities from which terrorists can plot and plan to strike innocents and overthrow the government of Saudi Arabia as an example. We are not establishing so-called houses of worship all over the Middle East under the guise of religion from which the leaders spew hatred of the very hand that is feeding them as in the case of the imams on government assistance in England. Why not? For one thing, we don't want to. For another, Saudi Arabia's princes aren't stupid enough to let us. About the other religions in the Middle East (you no doubt know that Egypt and others were Christian nations), no Christian Bibles are allowed in Saudi Arabia today. Christians visiting the Holy Land are advised to leave their Christian jewelry at home for fear of insighting the locals to assaults upon the tourists' persons. It is my understanding that Christians in Iraq are being killed as I write in the name of the god of the religion of peace. And under what degree of "dhimmitude" do the members of these other religions live? In the US, the latest "battlefield" is over the taxi drivers from Somalia refusing to carry passengers who are carrying alcohol or who have been drinking. The taxi drivers are acting under a fatwa set forth by a state-side organization that is a cover for the Muslim Brotherhood. Imams clearly state their intention to dominate "the world" under Sharia Law. Please do not engage in talk of the "awful" imperial powers that adversely impact Muslims of the Middle East. No one objects to taking my tax dollars then using that money to turn around and set up Wahabbi schools in America where hatred of what I hold dear is taught. When an imam or Islamic leader says/screams from the roof tops that his goal is to turn England into an Islamic state, I take him at his word. When Brigitte Gabriel tells of her mother being cared for by Israeli doctors and the Muslim woman in the next hospital bed also cared for by the same nurses and doctors spits and begs Allah to give her the means to kill the Israeli doctors and nurses, I'd say there's a bit of hatred going on and it isn't coming from the Israeli hospital personnel. My goal is to alert anyone who cares to listen of the current wave of Islamic Imperialism and oppression. These incursions are cyclical (as in centuries old) and right now the full moon must be out for Islamists because they are making no secret of their goals/aims at world domination. [As an aside, the anti-American nuclear club best have second thoughts before they strike us or our friends, even our friends drunk on "can't we all just get along" multiculturalism as in France. I'm not calling for war; it is slowly being forced upon us. When the Liberals win power, they'll give a lot. But then the conservatives always have to come behind them and clean up their rooms they've trashed.] I'm concerned of cases of honor killings in the United States, of the female circumcision of a young girl in Georgia, of public pools being closed off during certain times just for Muslim women, of Muslim lawyers trying to ban pork in school lunch programs, of elementary school students in California's public shools being indoctrinated into Islam, to Muslim dress, and taking Muslim names. In one post I asked regarding the "ban on pork", "What next? No hotdogs at baseball games." It is the little things creeping into our culture to change it to fit Sharia Law that are adding up and need to be guarded against and stopped. Multiculturalism be damned. If one wants to experience another culture, get a plane ticket and enjoy it first hand. Don't import it. All cultures are not equal; all cultures are not interchangeable. One size does not fit all. I like mine; hell, I love my culture and I don't want to give it over to anyone else. In America, we have Amish, Hindus, Baptists, Catholics, new-agers, as well as Koreans, Chinese, Jamacians. They are not vehemently telling me that they are going to kill me, my children, and take over my nation. Why haven't we had a 9/11 attack? Islamists know our "cowboy" and they are waiting for our Neville Chamberlains. Then they don't have to attack us; with the keys to the kingdom, the Nevilles will hand us over. Like roasted, stuffed pigs on a platter. Is not the Koran very specific in that there is no separation between church and state? That is totally contrary to our Constitution. How can a Muslim swear allegiance to that Constitution when everything in his teachings tells him that the state is the religion and the religion is the state? Is Iran run by the "elected" president or by the Ayatollah? Is the goal of Islam in the Middle East to eradicate Israel or not? Is the goal of Islam to convert us, kill us, or "enslave" us (dhimmitude)? For that matter, how do Muslim men view women? Muslim women, non-Muslim women? I know how Saudi students viewed American women during Ramadan right here in the US of A. What mother teaches her son/daughter that the most glorious thing that child can do is strap on explosives and kill Israelis in a pizza parlor? For $25,000.00 in blood money from Saddam? From what I have studied, Islam (at least to those in power) seems to be a parasitic political ideology cloaked in the garb of religion. My issue is "freedom" and I don't see that coming from Islam. Of course, we could pontificate for centuries what "freedom" means but the times are serious. Believe as you like, I really don't care but don't force those beliefs on me, through any means. In America we believe that one person's freedoms stop where the other person's nose begins. What freedom is there in an ideology that condemns a person to death for "leaving" that ideology as was the recent case in Afghanistan? What ideology approves of engaging in deception and falsehoods with the infidels if it will accomplish the ideology's aims (global domination)? How can there be honest dialogue under that circumstance? I stand by what I wrote. Certainly, Muslim women don't condone the horrors inflicted upon those young girls by the Lebanese gang-rapists in Austrailia? I have read Orianna Fallaci's work and I stand with her. I can never be as brave or as forthright as she was. She knew first hand what threatens us. She lived it. The threat is real and the ways are circumspect. Their goal is incrementalism. Today, the thread of liberty seems fragile but that liberty is worth protecting and friends of mine globally are protecting it each and every day. Our Statue of Liberty holds her flame high and beckons the downtrodden to our land, not to subvert us but to adopt our laws and to live in freedom, to breathe the air of freedom. That spark of liberty burns bright even and especially on that clear September day. You see, we are misjudged; our internal bickering is misjudged. When the time comes, as it has now for our brave military men and women, we will not be found wanting. As a personal question, are you an American citizen? If so, are you an American first or a Muslim first? If called upon to fight for America, to fight for me, what would you do?


Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

This is one of your more powerful posts. You should get this stuff published. Matter of fact, this whole blog could become a best-seller.

Have you ever considered getting published? I am looking into it. I've got two books on the burner now.

12:30 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, worked with NY agent for a time. She wanted to re-write all of my work - edit it to death. Essentially, on one occasion I said not one single word more. She said I wrote better than Flannery O'Connor. We'll see. I learned a lot from her. One thing is that agents are like real estate people - some sell commercial, some are small-time and don't have the connections, and some have a narrow range of connections. Now I have to go back and undo some of the "mess" I allowed her to make. It is really difficult for me to go back and re-create.

I have a number of manuscripts that I simply need to tackle. I need a billard table with the manuscritps set out on them so that I can work on any given chapter at a time from any given book. The idea of start-to-finish for me now on any one manuscript is too horrible to contemplate but alas the sands in the hour-glass fall through for all of us and so I must get busy. Not from "advancing" age but from the sheer magnitude of the tasks I would like to accomplish.

6 manuscripts
1 family history based upon articles in newspapers as far back as they go in USA
1 self-help book with companion book
Work on the 910 Group which is important and vital
1 book of what I call story poems

All of manuscripts have been copyrighted in complete first draft for so that characters and story lines, etc. are established as my property.

I need encouragement and discipline - the bane of all writers who have not gone commercial. Have published technical articles.

If you have not done so, you may want to include in your will that your children -whomever- has rights to all of your literary work - drafts, notes, etc, etc.

Perhaps, I can take certain editorial blog posts and put them together as a "book". That is what Mark Steyn did for America Alone and a darn fine job he did too.

Have thought of publishing one manuscript here in Blogger. With real name of course. They have an entire format all set up. I thought I might use that (closed) just because I would be accomplishing something.

Have your read Orianna Fallaci's The Rage and the Pride or the Force of Reason? Read them, just pages at a time. Magnificent. The woman's words make you want to stand up and shout - then sit and write, write, write.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm reading a novel right now, The List by Steve Martini. You might like it - not Ludlum but this one is about publishing world/fiction right out of his experiences I'm sure.

11:16 AM  
Blogger Jay Tuch said...

Beach Girl,
One of the better pieces of work I have read in a long time.

10:20 AM  
Blogger Jay Tuch said...

Beach Girl,
One of the better posts I've read in a long time.

10:20 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Jay, thank you. Please pass it around. I would appreciate your assistance.

4:13 PM  

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