Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sun Tsu and the art of American Politics in 2006

The title could just as easily have been Beach Girl if on the war path; er no, that would offend an American of American Indian ancestry. Okay, Beach Girl is pissed off. Well, no, that would be messy, so I'll leave it as it is. From Sun Tsu, the statement goes something like this: the friend of my enemy is my enemy. A good article was published in the Washinton Times just a few days ago projecting how Muslims in America will vote in this 2006 election. Something like 12% Republican/conservative, and 88% Democrat/liberal "let's-tax-you-to-death-and-at-death", and appease the terrorists (here and abroad). You want to know why our tax laws won't change? Because most people in America don't pay taxes. They feed at the welfare trough whether it is subsidized housing or overrunning our emergency rooms. Back to, back to... If the article's statistics are correct then it appears that the Muslims in America will be joining the "beggar-based constituency" of the Socialists/Democrats to move us further along in our seemingly inexorable fall/shove into all the "isms" designed to further enslave us. I read a poll the other day at Redneck's Revenge (in my blogs I like to read - Could be at Barking Moonbat Early Warning Systems, or Strange Fire - I seem to have misplaced the link) which summed up rather well that generally Muslims in America see themselves as Muslims first, since Muslims tend to take their "loyalty" with them. This loyalty, of course - as we are told by Islamist leaders, is to world domination by Islam and the establishment of the Caliphate. Does anyone know how many folks from Muslim countries, living in the United States currently receive "welfare" checks? I make no excuses for what I am about to say. If you - whoever you are - or anyone in your "extended" family all the way to cousins twenty times removed come to this country and go onto welfare, get free medical, or trash our emergency rooms while using them as your primary care facility, then I don't want you here draining our resources, increasing crime in our cities and towns, demanding your "rights" and your language, and your right to pollute our rivers and streams, our national parks. I don't want you here demanding your "rights" and making us accommodate to the standards of the third-world country you are bringing with you on your back like a turtle shell. You are abusing our largess and should be forced out of here. But no, you are laughing all the way to the bank to cash your SSI checks; laughing as you get a driver's license; and laughing as you register to vote. Whether you are waving your Mexican flags in our faces in your demonstrations on our streets and shutting down our businesses, or filing law suits to let you wear hajibs for pictures at the DMV, I am pretty darn sick and tired of you and your rush to see who can make a better "victim." Good gawd a'mighty! Don't you have any self-respect? Leave my culture, my language, my Western Judeo-Christian civilization alone...


Blogger Mike from Detroit said...

OK, I give up on you. You STILL don't get it. Name ONE, just one, place anywhere on earth that ANY multicultural society has coexisted in peace. It invariably leads to cultural clashes and bloodshed. Nothing Mark Steyn or anyone else will ever convince you.

Why can't women understand that?! Thank GOD there are a few that do. Those that don't shouldn't be allowed to vote in my opinion! The feminine mindset is at work here. I suppose that is natural and to be expected but it is no less troubling.

I can also say thank GOD you don't hold any political power.

And please don't bother to post this as I won't see it. Good luck with whatever it is you are trying to do. As for me and millions who see world events in their proper context, we say, no, they are not welcome! Not because we hate. But because we've seen where it leads.

8:51 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Okay, Mike from Detroit. You've had your say. Now, why not say it on a blog of your own that we could all learn from? Hmmmm....

9:08 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Mike from Detroit - too bad you didn't read a few other posts.

11:06 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Mike from Detroit - even Mark Steyn bowed to political correctness in American Alone when he did the obligatory comments that all Muslims aren't out to "kill" us. I agree that multiculturalism does not work. Read my post - Woman of Islam, a response. I am sick of it and have been for some time now. Call the Japanese what you will but they won't be falling to multiculturalism.

I'm already castigated by my liberal "friends" who call me racist and bigot. What they no longer like about me is that they see and hear my voice against them and they can be shrill but I can't.

To me, Orianna Fallaci reigns; her work shines. Would that I and many others had her courage.

11:11 AM  

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