Monday, October 30, 2006

Webb synonymous with misogyny?

Misogyny means the hatred of women. Perhaps the characterization is slightly harsh; on the other hand, we have come a long way as a nation with respect to women having leadership roles throughout corporations as well as the military. Women can work on the factory floor and in the exhalted boardrooms of major corporations. Actually, many women own controlling interests in many major corporations. A consideration though is how much do Mr. Webb's words in novels reputedly fiction reflect his actual attitudes toward women. Does the little woman have to know her place and stay in it? I'm all for meritocracy for everyone. I don't think corporations should get "points" on the compliance with diversity scale regarding the number of women they employ in given areas. I don't think the women (who are not a minority in the United States) should be given "minority" status. How revolting! They should receive equal pay for equal work. In my experience, I saw many a man receive more pay for little or no work so I cannot believe that all men are hired based on merit. We had one man who walked around all day and couldn't write his way out of a wet paper bag. He did nothing; produced nothing; and earned plenty. We nicknamed him the "hall monitor." He did a find job. My question for Mr. Webb is what would he say to the fine women graduating from our military academies? High girls, we all know you are not fit for leadership so we'll make sure you serve "under" some outstanding male officer. Don't worry your pretty little head about a thing. Just make the coffee and pick up the donuts. In the interest of full disclosure, I do not want women in combat situations not because I don't think they can be fighters. I think military women can be as ruthless as their male counterparts. Watch a female of most species defend her young. Spies - check; intelligence officers - check; interrogators of Muslim terrorists - check. I just don't want them in combat but that is me. I read an excellent letter to the editor today in the Washington Times, p. A18. Linda Skladany wrote of her observations working with Jim Webb in the Reagan Administration. Skladany says, "I am furious to see Mr. Webb try to desperately claim the Reagan mantle, which included using our country's beloved deceased President in his ads, as an 'endorsement.' This in spite of the wishes of Mrs. Reagan that he refrain from doing so. Perhaps this is another example of his disrespect for women. Thankfully, I am no longer in a position to have to make excuses for Mr. Webb as a part of the Reagan Administration. I could barely do it in the 1980s when it was my job." Along with Skladany, I do not want him to represent me. Given his history toward women, I don't think he would represent me. If you want to clutter your mind with pornographic images, be warned then go to the Drudge Report.


Blogger kilo said...

Thunderous Applause!

9:04 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Bow, bow, curtain pulls back. Thank you! What a great comment.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

While I agree with you on most of the points here, I don't see any problem at all with women in combat. Women in Iraq have been doing an outstanding job with their male counterparts.

Second, I have seen examples of what you're saying about women in the workplace, but it's the other way around. I see favoritism with some women at work. Recently, we lost one woman who took a leave of absence to go and finish her MBA. When she returned, the favoritism, unfortunately, returned with her. They showered her with plants, flowers, chocolate. The other women who were hired during her time away, were visibly envious of the attention she was getting. The ladies who have been around as long as I have agree with me. We talk a lot in the break room and get along great. But when she walks in, everybody goes quiet because we know that she is the company attention --ore.

She walks around, struts her stuff. When she comes to me for computer or network help, I go to her desk and get the job done and quickly leave. I do not compliment her the way the other guys do, and she's always trying to be what I'd call overtly friendly toward me, for some reason. I'm simply not interested in her.

The problem is, she's very attractive. She wears her shirts buttoned down so that men can see her breasts. Personally, I find this unappealing in the workplace; in a sense, it's sexual harrassment. We don't need to be seeing that at work. There's a place for that, but it's just not at work.

I've witnessed this too, just the other day, in walks a co-worker male - late. He got confronted by the COO for being late. Seconds later, in walks Ms. Prissy. The COO practically drooled all over her, welcoming her back to work for the day.

In short, she's the perfect example of being hired on the merit of her good looks. I've watched her gain promotion from day one over men who have higher qualifications than her, and it's disgusting. The office joke around here, is if you're going up against her for a cushy job and you're a guy, you may as well forget it. There are a lot of men who feel this way about certain women like her.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, I have seen the disgusting ploys and both men and women have been promoted based upon sexism rather than merit. I don't object to women being in combat because I don't think they will serve well. I know women are brave. My reasons are not especially easy to define. I just don't believe women should be in combat. Unfortunately, they have limited chance of promotions unless they fight along side men. My reasons are not related to skill or ability.

Steve, on the vampira in the office. How about if no men "go up against her" for jobs? They will be asked why they haven't applied. They can just nod their head in response and say, "Didn't want to waste the time filling out paperwork/application when there is no opportunity of promotion. You know susy-Q has a lock on promotions and besides I have work to do..." You know, something like that. If NO men apply, Human Resources folks eventually get the idea and questions start to be asked. AND her victory is hollow.

As you know, we get respect from employees because they choose to give that respect to us. They can be polite to us, they can do what we ask, but they control whether they respect us or not. I have seen people such as that woman (men and women actually) leave positions within a company over time because they have no respect from employees or colleagues. Americans are creative. They can appear very busy and productive with little actually getting done. It's called "appearance-based working". And they can drive a supervisor nuts asking for clarification.

People like the woman you describe take it in the back based on reports. It is all subtle, she gets promoted and is moved out to an even less important position. I agree her dress and probably heavy perfume are forms of sexual harrassment. She will eventually reach her "glass ceiling". Let's hope it is soon.

In situations as you describe, I have found for my own survival I must focus on the job I have been hired to do. If I do that and go home at night knowing I have done an honest day's work, I just keep away from the dragon women and let them strut and posture. At the end of the day, everyone (including the management) knows who is doing the job. And, if she's a token white, woman, black, or whatever, the joke's on her. Shun her, it'll drive her nuts. Shunning her politely is even more powerful in its insult and disapproval of her.

As a Southern Lady with a bit of a good background, I'm sure vampira and I would be ever such "great" friends but God help her if we were in a major level organizational meeting together. Been there, done that, and it ain't always a pretty sight but it is fun and with women like vampira surprisingly easy. Turn a really competent woman against her and watch the fun.

As boys, men learn tag football. As girls, Southern women learn the art of manners and machettes. Sounds duplicitice I know, but Rhett, what's a little Southern girl to do?

Ifyou like, let me know where breakfast is and I'll let you know if I'm in the area. I won't post the info.

1:28 PM  

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