Thursday, November 02, 2006

Membership in the National Rifle Association, the NRA

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a member of the NRA. I do not work for the NRA and do not represent the NRA in any way, that said, I am making a plea for all Americans who value their First Amendment rights to join the NRA. It is only through the Second Amendment that your First Amendment rights are secure. First, membership in the NRA does not require that you own a gun or have a gun in your home. Membership in the NRA affords you benefits. One benefit is access to a magazine (several actually are published by the NRA) that keeps you up-to-date on gun legislation and also on cases where a citizen successfully protected himself or his family simply by having a gun in his home, available. The NRA has recently begun publication of a magazine for ladies called Outlook. The magazine also informs about politicians and who supports your Second Amendment rights. You may not want a gun in your home for many reasons. No problem there. Your choice, I agree. However, the Second Amendment, once lost, will not be restored and handguns for law-abiding citizens will be gone forever. There is a little joke that says, "the most conservative, gun-toting man you'll ever see is the liberal who was mugged the night before." But, if the Second Amendment goes, so goes the liberal-turned-conservative's chance to purchase a gun for self-defense. Criminals will always have access to guns whether you do or not and regardless of all the bills passed from now until eternity. As I tell my friends and family, you don't need to own a gun to belong to the NRA but to perserve your rights, you should support the organization that fights for all of your rights through the protection of the Second Amendment and that is the NRA.


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