Thursday, November 02, 2006

U.S. Military Reigns

Go get'em, American military personnel. Ooh rah! If you just want to laugh, get a good shot of patriotism before election day, and pump your arm into the air and say, "Good on ya, you wonderful Yankee soldiers," click over to Liberally Conservative, home of the Walrus, and look at Troops answer John Kerry. Then, drop down a few posts and read Our Quality U.S. Military Troops. Click over to the report done by Tim Kane, Ph.D. entitled, Who are the recruits? You'll be glad you did and, if possible, even more proud of our military men and women than you were when you started reading. And as for Charlie Rangel and bringing back the draft, check the first table/chart and see just how many folks from Charlie's district enlisted. Iraq is not a "poor man's war". Our recruits come from the strong middle class. Check it out. You'll be glad you did. And the picture of our troops holding up the sign in response to Peppy-la-pew Kerry will make you anxious to support our troops on November 7th. They are in Iraq because they want to be there - God love them; God bless them; and God perserve them from the anti-American liberals.


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