Saturday, November 11, 2006

Op-eds to read and from which to lead

The Washington Times today is repleat with excellent editorials and opinion pieces reflecting on what the mid-term election results "really" mean. It would be wise for members of both political parties to take a good look and reflect. The consensus is that Conservativism won and the Democrats should consider taking a look at that before launching into two years of investigations, et al. Deciphering results by William Rusher Ultimatum at the polls by William Buckley, Jr. Welcoming the divide by Steve Chapman In the Editorial Page, Letters section, the comments made by Norman Hendrickson of bowie are worth reading, Bad immigration policy ahead, as well as the comment by Col. Blake J. Robertson, USMC (Ret.) from Stafford. Neither is flattering or hopeful, mand one even suggests, "I have to wonder if this guy (President Bush) doesn't have a political death wish for the Republican Party." Col. Robertson goes on, "I suggest that jamming (which is what it will take) an illegal-alien-friendly immigration bill through Congress with the help of Democrats will so alienate the remaining conservatives' support for the Republican Party that it will essentially seal the deal for virtually anyone the Democrats may nominate for president in 2008."


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