Thursday, November 09, 2006

Threat of Islamic Imperialism and the Hispanic Conversion

Today, I'll be reading the rest of Brigitte Gabriel's book. It is a veritable "to do" list of what we need to do in the face of the Islamist threat. A commentator to my site, in response to my post on Mexican men being Catholic, told me that Hispanic men are being drawn to Islam in alarming numbers. Is that because Islam subjugates women? Is that because of the macho, "I'm in charge of my home and can beat my women" so says the Koran? Is that because they want to subjugate "whitey"? The response was to my post, Women's Place in America - Shifthing Sands. The post was inspired by a conversation with a friend in West Virginia when we were discussing the comprehensive immigration bill (aka - amnesty bill) that will certainly now be passed rather quickly. My friend in West Virginia said, "God help the young women in America when this comes to pass." As a follow-up, my Left Coast Operative (male with close ties to the Hispanic community) confirmed what the lady in West Virginia said about the control the Hispanic men have over their women. Back to, back to.... I don't know why Hispanic men would leave Catholicism. When I was in Utah, I was interested in the number of Hispanic as well as black men who seemed to flock / swarm to Mormonism. Hmmmm.... Why would Hispanic men be converting to Islam? I don't know. Is it the subjugation of women or is it something else? Responses requested from international visitors as well. I'd appreciate understanding this "conversion" if it is a reflection of what is happening. Be and stay safe.


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