Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Views and News

In Virginia, the Congressional Delegation to Congress remains unchanged. That is good news and especially for Thelma Drake who was in a very tight race. Texas is strongly Republican. The good news in Texas is that, while the citizens of Hispanic ancestry out-number the so-called Anglos, the men and women of Hispanic ancestry whether in Texas or Florida tend to be conservative and tend to vote Republican. We have even more incentive to demand tighter border control, more enforcement of the laws against hiring illegals. I know the President's comprehensive amnesty bill will pass now and we will have about 12 - 20 million new citizens, rather quickly. Approximately 50-65% of those new citizens will have come here from Mexico. Now that the election is over, I can be more candid in saying that President Bush seems to have always supported "fast track citizenship" for folks from Mexico as it will make the realization of the "Mexico-US-Canada" nation come about more quickly. Also, this increase in Mexican citizenship will strengthen the changes of his nephew, George P. Bush, when he runs for president in a decade or so. Right now, it is fashionable in the United States to "kick whitey" to the curb. And that is just fine as a sentiment as far as it goes. But I'll go way out on a limb here and suggest we keep an eye on the closer ties that will emerge between former Mexican citizens - our new American citizens - and what is called our "white" population. As this shift becomes more prominent, I'll predict that there will be a lessening of the "ties that bind" within the Progressive Caucus in DC. People of Hispanic ancestry and folks of European ancestry have a common bond. For one thing, they are caucasians (racially), for another they all fought against Islamic Imperialism historically, and they are predominately Christian. Except for the rabid radicals in California, the citizens of Hispanic ancestry have not pitted themselves against their citizens of European ancestry. And I don't see the citizens of Hispanic ancestry jumping on the Islam bandwagon. Nationally, as a voting bloc, I see the leaverage of the "black" vote slipping over time; once gone, it will be gone for good with the exception of local elections. Don't go there on calling me a racist. I'm not looking at that. I'm looking at demographics and the writing is on the wall. A funny thing happened today when I when to my hair stylist. She is American Christian of Lebanese ancestry. She had a question for me: Why is it that everyone in America can have ethnic pride except for white people? Her question, not mine. Good question though. Why is that I wonder?


Blogger VSK said...

The answer to that question posed by your hairdresser is, simply enough, because white folks have come to believe that they are the cause of all that is bad in the world. 'Dead white men' (and women!) who have built western civilization are pointed to as the cause of problems, not of progress. Progress itself, technological for example, is considered by the intelligentsia as the cause of 'bad things'.

Men, of any race, have been castrated, often by women, for the simple acts that used to be called chivalry, such as opening doors and rising when a woman comes to the table. "How DARE you?" they have been told. So, no longer do they dare.

And never has 'white pride' been even considered as even an option to discuss in civil society, or in institutions of learning. THAT would be racist, not even just 'in bad taste' or rude -- but an idea that could be legally challenged successfully by the American Civil Liberties [sic] Union.

If you are proud of your western culture, you better shut up about it, better -- don't even think it -- because that immediately labels you as a racist, white supremacist neo-nazi.

Gosh, Beach Girl ... you knew that! Now aren't you ashamed of yourself, for even posting such a hateful post that inflames the ire of all men and women of goodwill? ;-)

Now ... I don't think I'll be quoting anyone in particular if I say something like, "Americans", and by extension, any person of anglo-christian-judeo values of any nation, "are stupid." I mean, that is only common sense. This is recognized world wide. It's about time we just recognized it, and, gosh, while we're at it, just submit to that religion of peace just waiting for us with open arms, or a sword -- I mean, how could anyone in their right mind not wish to join into that diversity, as one? I bet you could get that on a political platform and have a successful campaign for it, hmmm?

The constitution of the US may not be a suicide pact, but saying you are proud of your (ssssshhhhhhh .... I'm going to whisper it ...) western cultural values sure is. Who could possible recommend that, and not be challenged with, "how DARE you?"

signed ...
a human of undeclared racial and indeterminate cultural values.
staying safe,
ABC ... to XYZ.

3:29 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Such a clever lady. This has been quite a day. What I really like is that we still have the internet. I have voter-get-out-the-vote fatigue. Have to decompress.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

"...And I don't see the citizens of Hispanic ancestry jumping on the Islam bandwagon."

However, a lot of Hispanics ARE flocking to Islam at alarming rates. Why, I do not know. Google on it, you might see what I am talking about here.

Regarding whites lacking ethnicity, that's technically false. I'm sure that there are white families in America that celebrate their origins. Look at the Italians, for example, and the Irish. Even if they're into multiple generations since the origins of that first family settling in the US, they never forget where they came from. As for me being from Scotland (I immigrated here when I was 9) my heritage is naturally strong.

7:55 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, Steve, technically false but we celebrate our ethnicity in small groups. Yesterday, I went into the local 7-11 to get coffee. I was looked at like I should be holding my head down. We have CAIR, we have the NAACP, we have La Raza (a friendly, non-racist group if ever there was one :))

Where is the NAPWC? National Association for the Perservation of Western Civilization. Well, it is missing in action because it would be considered - ssssssshhhh - racists. Where is the NAPJCV in our schools, our universities? National Association for the Perservation of Judeo-Christian Values in our schools, et al. I know there are separate groups for such things but these groups need to mobilize and come together under one group. Keep their narrow focus but as a whole, come together. This needs to happen as a voting bloc and it could be brought together for the sole purpose of demanding that Constitutional studies be required in our schools and our over-all Western Culture must be required. Western Civilization/Culture was not an accident - it was a growth of intelligent, organized government and institutions that celebrated our ideals. As a unified front, we could knock out the forces joined to eradicate us and it is just that simple at to their aim.

No more Islamist recruitment of criminals serving time in jail. No more "be a Muslim" for a month in our public schools. It is time for all Western Culture folks to say, Enough is enough! At this point, if we joined together, we would have a political voice. Now, politically we would not agree on everything - not necessary. But we could agree on keeping our culture, maintaining the value of our national citizenship, so on.

I'll be checking your site for updates.

6:02 AM  

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