Saturday, November 11, 2006

Conservative Leadership - Missing in Action

From whence will come the Conservative Leadership in the Congress and the Senate? In the nation? I trust that someone will come to the forefront sooner rather than later. Certainly, there is cause for optimism in that Mitch McConnell may welll become the Republican Leader in the Senate. John McCain is a RINO and I would look for no leadership there unless it is capitulation. He mastermind the Campaign Finance Reform Bill that violates the Free Speech guaranteed by the First Amendment regardless of what the Supreme Court says. He was also one of the Gang of 14 who tied Frist's hands and kept him from crushing the Far Left's strangle-hold on the Senate with their 60 vote, supermajority. And then there is that honorable Gang of Fourteen. Well, Dewine in Ohio - never a strong Republican - was kicked to the curb. How many more are there on the Republican side for us to oust in 2008? Staunch conservative that I am, I will not vote for John McCain for President should he get that far; I supported Lindsey Graham and will no more; and the fine Senator John Warner. Will he run again in 2010? So that is 4 of the 7 of the Gang of 14 on the Republican side. Whose left? Oh, yes, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins. Lincoln Chafee was ousted this go around. John McCain, Arizona (2010 up for re-election) Lindsey Graham, South Carolina (2008 up for re-election) John Warner, Virginia (2010 up for re-election) Olympia Snowe, Maine (re-elected in 2006) Susan Collins, Maine (2008 up for re-election) Mike DeWine, Ohio - ousted Lincoln Chafee, Rhode Island - ousted I have trust that Conservative Leadership exists. American Conservativism did not lose on Tuesday. Their votes were cries for help, for a return to conservative values. They will support you every time you stay true to those values. When you stray, we all pay the price for your whimsy.


Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

If Mitt Romney runs, I may vote for him. You're spot on about McCain. Speaking of RINO's, Warner, our deadbeat Senator, is one of them, too.

9:27 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Steve, have had an interesting conversation with a former Navy Seal. Very interesting. We'll see what the Leftists do in "support" of our troops. When the rubber meets the road, let's see if they "cut and run".

11:37 AM  

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