Thursday, September 07, 2006

Vampira and the Mortician

My apologies to morticians and self-respecting vampires everywhere but ya gotta hand it to the Dems. I don't know where they get their folks - probably central casting - maybe the understudies for the Addams Family. When I watch Vampy and Mort speak together at the same mike about how they have a new plan for America, I can't help myself but in the background, sort of subliminally, I hear the words:
"I vant to drink your blood...."
I can almost see the yellowed fangs growing out from their K-9s. And they are so serious - no humor there. Hmmmm! Who else do we know is devoid of a sense of humor? Actually, with what the ACLU has done by turning the Constitution on its ear since the 1960s and the jihad apologists do daily on the floor of the Senate, the words "I vant to drink your blood" sound archaic. Today, it's more like "I vant to suck the remaining bits of marrow from your bones. Hold still; it won't hurt much. You'll hardly feel it." Vampy and Mort, you see, are chomping at the bit savoring their impending return to power. [God help us!] And what a legacy they have. For six years now, they have pummelled the President at every turn and, in so doing, they have weakened our nation in the eyes of the world. And they have undercut their own credibility should voters return them to power. It's true; we had a rousing good time with Bill and Monica but when we are at "declared war", it would seem a little more patriotism and a little less arrogance should be the order of the day. Brave American troops are fighting and dieing for their nation after all. And our Border Patrol agents and men and women of other alphabet soup agencies risk their lives every day. Make no mistake. We would have been in Iraq no matter who was president and we will not be leaving Iraq for a time. As for the jihadists among us, we are working on that front. Too slowly for me, but working nonetheless. In November, if you vote for nothing else, please vote for the representatives and senators who are standing firm for our borders and for our national sovereignty.


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