Saturday, September 02, 2006

War for the New World Order

Waterlogged Beach Girl here! We are drying out somewhat but may take a while. Went out for breakfast and got to thinking. Wait, there isn't one New World Order group; there are many. Who will win the war for the New World Order? Competitors include: The United Nations - their plan is to suffocate you with paper or kill you with resolutions designed to keep them (the diplomats) under the rules of diplomatic immunity and to kill you through boredom or simply outlive you. The Islamic Imperialists - odds-on favorite in that they've significantly infiltrated Western nations even to the point of getting the Sweds to redefine themselves and they citizens. [Gates of Vienna recent article, Die Dummen Schweden.] That's one way to reduce your level of immigrants, illegal or otherwise, just rename them. In US, Senate is trying to do same by legalizing illegals and calling them "temporary" (don't spill you coffee laughing) guest workers. The European Union - Nope, too busy appeasing. It worked so well for them a few decades before, they're trying it again. The North American Union - not exactly. Mexico is taking over USA by settling citizens throughout country. Even have Mexican Consulates throughout USA. The Southern Hemisphere - South America - see Hugo Chavez. He's working at getting his piece of the New World Order pie. The Chinese and the Russians duking it out for their share. They both missed the memos about sensitivity training. Then there is the Internation Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and who could forget our own ACLU that has never met a foe of America they don't seem to like. So, what's a Beach Girl to do? Which "war" do I fight? I can become an expert on one but they all seem to be of a piece to me. They all seem determined to destroy Western Civilization. The vultures are at the gates; some have scaled the walls (not too difficult with friends like somebody's State Department handing out visas as fast as they can print them) and have set up shop inside the Western nations. And our nations are not defending the civilization that made them great. Today, instead of accepting death by hyphenated citizenship, I'm opting for a few good books, Tower of Babble recommended by Robinik; a look at American Jihad, the Terrorists living among us, by Steven Emerson, and death by double chocolate cheesecake! Point is that there are a bunch of groups fighting to be the KINGS of the New World Order. What if it eludes them all?


Blogger Papa Ray said...

If you have not already read them. Here are three books that you need to read. If you have a library close by, they might have them, or be able to get them on intra-library loan.

That is the way I get my books, as I really can't afford to buy anymore, and don't have anymore room.

But...but I did buy these three, so my Grandson's can read them and maybe Sarah some day.

I hope by the time she is old enough for these books, there will be no need for her to read them, except for their historical perspective and value.

Papa Ray

8:18 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thanks for the list. Have read Politically Incorrect...., reading American Jihad now. Will get the rest. And I'll be over to link to my site today. Just finished several on the Death of the West - threat of Islam.

Thank you for dropping by. See you soon.

9:21 AM  

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