Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Dems - Masters of Double-Speak

What is a beach girl to do? Leave for a few hours to let the migraine work itself out. Get up, leaving the dark, soundless room. Fix tea and turn on the MSM television for a few minutes of Fox News. Slam, slap, bang! And what do I see? The Dems saying, "Of course, we will win in Iraq. We just have to change our strategy!" What? I've missed something in the past four years of their screaming, "Get out! CUT and RUN, RUN, RUN! Show the world the lily-livered cowards we on the left are. CUT and RUNNNNNNNNnnnnnnn.! The sky is falling; the sky is falling! Run Henny Penny, runnnnnn!" "Of course, we will win in Iraq!" What? If you aren't already experiencing "mind-warp" from the double-speakin' Dems, get your shot against it. Quagmire come to mind? Which decade are these folks stuck in? I worked in a residential psychiatric hospital for a while. Many folks were diagnosed with a condition noted for aggressive-passive/avoidance behavior. The Dems I hear talk absolutely fit the definition of the passive-aggressive, double-messages, passive-avoidance folks. Ann Coulter wrote a great book on the religion of Liberalism, Godless. That's bad enough. The Dems seem (as a group) to be befuddled, nothing new, with no message, no plan, just screeching that "We need a plan; we need to change course!" "How?" "We don't know. We don't know..... We just need to change, change, CHANGE, NOWWWWWwwwww! You come up with something. We can attack it but we cannnnnnn't thinkkkkk of anythingggggg on ourrrrr ownnnn. Change, change, we need change." Give me a break! Yep, that's what we need. A Speaker of the House who hasn't been able to close her eye lids for years. A Congressman who is already working on articles of impeachment. An x-Marine Congressman who consistently bashes our Marines and men and women in uniform. A gang of boys and girls who haven't let us build an oil refinery in 30 years and then scream about the high cost of gas. [I know, once a Marine, always a Marine. But really, doesn't this moonbat qualify as an x?] Good Gawd A'mighty! Well, at least Calderon is the new president-elect of Mexico. Let's see how that works out.


Blogger Russet Shadows said...

The fundamental reason why Democrats can't win elections is simply trust. Moral relativism may get you in the spotlights, but it doesn't get you the votes. BTW, I blogrolled you!

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Pennsylvania Progressive said...

I do agree we need a different straedgy, but we can't cut and run because we got ourselves into this mess. We need to come up with a plan to get ourselves out.

3:38 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

No, we cannot cut and run. We have to get the job done. For goodness sake, we fought WWII in the 1940's. We're still in Germany. Why are we getting our nickers in such a knot? If we just could save the billion or more we pay to the useless UN, we could develop and implement better strategies.

Thanks for dropping by. See you soon...

5:01 PM  

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